Persona 5 Royal: Guide To Playing Darts

Part of Persona 5 Royal’s improvement on the Baton Pass system is the ability to level up the effectiveness of Baton Passes with your teammates by playing darts at Kichijoji.

Players are introduced to this mechanic on 6/5, when Ryuji takes them to the darts and billiards game bar play darts— during this trip, the game automatically brings Ryuji’s Baton Pass to rank 2, but it’s only when players return to play of their own volition that the game introduces the actual minigame.

How To Play Darts

The rules are identical to those of real-life darts: you score points based on where your dart lands, and you must score exactly the specified amount of points in five turns. The game is divided into three difficulty levels: 301, 501, and 701, each named after how many points must be scored.

Each turn is comprised of three dart throws. It’s best to aim for the highest score possible on your first turn, but beware: if your dart throw puts your remaining points in the negative, it will be a bust and any points you scored during that turn will be voided. You must reach 0 points exactly.

Playing the minigame is mostly a matter of reflexes. When you step up, there will be an oval on the screen that you can position by using your Dualshock’s motion controls. Once it’s over the area you’d like to score, hold R2 to lock it in place, at which point a dot will start bouncing about within the oval. This dot determines where your dart will actually land— the trick is to flick your controller or press X when it’s over the score field you want to hit.

How To Rank Up Baton Passes

This is fairly simple— succeeding at one round of 301 will increase that teammate’s Baton Pass to rank 2, while a round of 501 will max them out at rank 3. Teammates at rank 1 will automatically ask to play 301, but you can still skip to rank 3 in one round if you play your cards right.

There are five turns in a round, with the protagonist going first and the selected teammate going second. If you’re able to score enough points in your first and second turn that your teammate could feasibly finish the round on their second turn, you’ll be given an opportunity to encourage them.

Selecting the right option will boost their performance, increasing the chance that they’ll finish the round and rank up to 3 immediately. However, if the number of points you’ve left for them to top off is low enough, you don’t need to worry too much about boosting their performance. Aim to leave them with anywhere between 1 and 30 points.

The “Right” options are as follows:

  • Mona: C. “I’m counting on you.”
  • Skull: A. “Focus!”
  • Panther: C. “Just play like usual.”
  • Fox: A. “Think of it like painting.”
  • Queen: C. “Take deep breaths.”
  • Oracle: B. “This is the real thing.”
  • Noir: C. “Just enjoy yourself.”
  • Violet: C: “Trust yourself.”

*These are unofficial translations of the prompts, and will be updated soon.

The exception to this is Crow— he will always ask to play 701 with you, and only ever level up one rank at a time.

How To Boost Your Performance

As with the other minigames in Persona 5 Royal, you’re able to augment your skills by purchasing certain items. After playing darts for the first time (not including the first visit with Ryuji), two items will be available for sale: a book and a specialty dart.

The book can be bought in Shinjuku and upon reading, will allow you to use Third Eye during a round. This means that holding L2 after locking the aiming oval down will slow the dot down, making it easier for you to shoot for the field you want.

The specialty dart can be bought from the sports shop in Shibuya’s Underground Mall, where the record store used to be in the original P5. This makes your aiming oval thinner, allowing for greater precision.

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