Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Shibuya Jail Boss

Persona 5 Strikers follows a similar path to its predecessor, where the Phantom Thieves must tackle certain locations in the Metaverse, culminating in a boss battle. Rather than “Palaces”, Strikers features “Jails” instead and the bosses are known as “Monarchs”.

Your first location will be Shibuya Jail and the first Monarch that you need to topple is Alice Hiiragi. Bosses naturally pose more of a threat than other enemies that you will encounter and generally feature various battle mechanics too. Everything you need to know about this boss battle is covered right here.

Mad Rabbit Alice

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire — Wk
  • Ice —
  • Electric —
  • Wind — Wk
  • Psy — Nul
  • Nuclear —
  • Bless — 
  • Curse — 
  • Almighty —

Before the battle, make sure you have a good stock of medicine items, especially HP/SP recovery items and a couple of Revive items to help out if you get in a pinch. You’ll want to set your party up to be the most efficient against Alice’s elemental stats, so be sure to take Panther and Mona as she is weak to their elements. We’d also recommend taking Sophie as a dedicated healer. Don’t take Haru as her Psy attacks are no good here. Also, make sure that Joker has some decent Personas that are Fire-based and/or Wind-based.

First Phase

For the first phase of this battle, the only real danger to your party is when Alice starts spinning on one of the poles on the battlefield, as this can do some serious damage. Stay out of the way when she does this. Use the wind cannons that are placed around the arena to hit her weakness.

When Alice gets to about 50% of her health, a short cutscene will play where she goes on all fours and begins a new phase of the battle.

Second Phase

Alice is a lot more difficult now and will rush around the arena, hitting hard and making it difficult for you to land your own attacks. Aim to stay out of her way and avoid her attacks when she is spinning around the battlefield. Afterward, she will pause for a moment and this gives you the perfect opportunity to attack. Then just rinse and repeat this strategy.

She will sometimes use a move that inflicts Brain Wash on your characters, so be ready to heal them as needed. Use Baton Pass to switch between your characters and use Show Time whenever possible. Just ensure that Joker has a Wind or Fire-based Persona equipped when you use it with him.

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