Phil Spencer Details COVID-19 Plans For Xbox

In the wake of an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that every organization in the world needs to revaluate its short and long-term plans to fit within the new reality of life through social distancing and mass transition of this virus. Phil Spencer has now spoken at length about the impact that the crisis is having on the planned launch of the Xbox Series X.

“The thing I’m going to put front and center is the safety and security of the team,” Spencer begins, “There is no decision that I will make, or frankly anybody at Microsoft would even ask me to make, that would compromise the safety and security of the teams for a near-term financial or product gain. The teams are the most important thing.”

Anyone who follows Spencer in his communication with other developers and through his blog posts should know that such a statement is on brand. The head of Xbox gaming is known for seeking to bring people together through gaming, and there is no doubt that the health of safety of the people involved in creating the next generation of console are well looked after in this time.

Spencer continues by stating that employees continue to work from home, and some Xbox Game Studios titles have already been delayed. Going forward, we hope that the console will move forward in a timely fashion, but with the safety of people being far more important, we may see a delay in the launch of the Xbox Series X.

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