Pikmin 3 Deluxe coming to Nintendo Switch this October at full price

Nintendo has announced yet another Wii U port for the Switch, as Pikmin 3 is revamped with new co-op options and new missions.

It was bound to happen at some point, but Nintendo has finally announced that 2013 Wii U game Pikmin 3 will be coming to the Switch in a new deluxe edition.

It’s been rumoured for some time and is now being used to fill Nintendo’s very empty pre-Christmas release schedules, although the new version will feature additional content and more options for co-operative play.

You’ll now be able to play the whole game in co-op with a friend, plus there are new side story missions (that can also be played in co-op) and all the DLC stages from the original version.

The Pikmin series is essentially Nintendo’s take on the real-time strategy genre and involves you ordering about tiny vegetable-like pikmin as you try to get your crew back to your home planet (and no, that doesn’t really help the pikmin much).

On its original release Pikmin 3 was seen as a mild disappointment, as while as it’s as enjoyable as ever it offers little advancement over the previous games and made only limited use of the Wii U’s unique controller – although that will be an advantage in porting it to the Switch.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe will also include new difficulty options to make it easier, lock-on targeting, and additional hints, plus the option to play the game at ‘a more relaxed pace’.

That’s not so much because the game was ever very hard but just because it’s very unusual compared to most other modern games and Nintendo are no doubt worried that more casual gamers will have trouble getting to grips with it.

Although for those that are familiar with Pikmin’s unique style of action there’ll also be some head-to-head multiplayer matches in Bingo Battle.

It’ll also be interesting to see if this makes much use of the Switch’s touchscreen, which should be especially helpful with a game like this but which Nintendo always seems strangely reticent to make much use of.

Pikmin 3 will be released on 30 October and is already up for pre-order on the eShop for £49.99


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