Planet Zoo Brings Us Llamas And Jaguars In New South America DLC

Frontier have brightened up the days of Planet Zoo players by announcing a brand new DLC pack, the South America Pack. It looks set to bring new animals, scenery, and themes to your game as soon as next week. The announcement came with a trailer and release date of April 7th.

The trailer suggests the pack’s focus lies heavily in theming, as it shows off beautiful scenery that you can see for yourself below.

The official announcement tells us that we can expect 5 new animals, the Jaguar, Llama, Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, and Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Every animal will no doubt be as in-depth as we’ve come to expect from the game. Expect them to have very specific and realistic needs and habitat requirements.

Alongside the new animals, we can also expect over 250 new scenery pieces themed with an Aztec and jungle-inspired look. If you’ve ever wanted to build a rainforest or your very own scene from the recent Jumanji movies then this pack may be for you.

This pack differs slightly in content from the last one, the Arctic pack, which featured 4 animals, around 200 scenery items and some new scenarios. The scenarios helped players learn more about the new animals and how to keep them in both cold and warm climates.

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