Play Your Switch Game In (Almost) 4K With This Device

This device will let you play Nintendo Switch games in native 4K.

Er, well, closer to 4K anyways, Look, we’re not here to minimize this incredible technical accomplishment as it’s just really hard to get something to display in 4K when it wasn’t designed to in the first place. That’s just way too many pixels to render. But Marseille has come extremely close with the mClassic and it is definitely worth buying if you do most of your Switch gaming on a high-rez TV.

If you were to look at an mClassic, you’d probably mistake it for a USB dongle or a Google Chromecast (or similar streaming device that hooks up to your TV via the HDMI port). But for all its mundane appearance, the mClassic does some pretty amazing things for your Switch.

The biggest thing is that it up-renders your games to display in (almost) 4K. Since the Switch normally displays things in 720P, going up to 4K makes games appear WAY better than it would on its own.

And the changes are definitely noticeable. Check out the video below from Venturebeat to see how well the mClassic works to upgrade the graphics on the Switch.

The mClassic is basically an external video processor that upscales your graphics on the fly. There’s minimal latency as a result of the mClassic’s uprendering, and all you need is a spare USB slot on your TV or a spare power plug to power the mClassic. That’s it.

Oh, and you need $99 to pay for it of course. But other than that, that’s all you need to make Switch games look incredible.

While you get the most bang for your buck on the Switch, the mClassic can also work on older versions of the PS4 and Xbox One that can’t handle 4K rendering on their own, and it can also get retro consoles like that GameCube, Dreamcast, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 to work nicely on a 16:9 screen.

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