Pokémon GO: How To Counter Registeel, Azumarill, And Altaria

Since Pokémon GO is a game that both relies on and encourages its players to get out into the real world and interact with each other, everyone needing to stay at home isn’t great for its numbers. Niantic isn’t letting that stop Trainers from playing, though. It has been implementing temporary measures allowing players to carry on their quest to be the very best alone, and in some cases even from the comfort of their own homes. If only Ash had that option.

The challenges for this weekend’s Genesect event have been changed so trainers can do exactly that. None of them require players to get anywhere near a fellow trainer. Even the task which requires them to battle someone else. That’s due to the fact Niantic has also lifted the “walk 3 km” requirement needed to enter Season One of the GO Battle League. That means the Great League section of the Battle League is in full swing. Chances are players have been faced with a flood of Registeel, Azumarill, and Altaria. All are terrific Pokémon to use in the Great League, but all of them have their weaknesses.


Trainers rushed to raids to get their hands on Registeel and since then haven’t had much use for it, until now. This Pokémon doesn’t deal much damage but it can take a beating and stay standing. It’s the Pokémon equivalent of that episode of The Simpsons where Homer becomes a boxer. But like Homer, Registeel can be beaten. Fighting-types are terrific against the Legendary Pokémon – with Toxicroak being especially popular – but Vigoroth can also substitute in. Have a Vigoroth with Counter and Bulldoze as your lead if you can and taking down Registeel should be a breeze.


Chances are any trainers who have competed in the Great League thus far will have been met with more Azumarill than they can shake a stick at. Rightly so as the fully-evolved water mouse is pretty darn good for what’s needed right now, mostly due to its ability to take down Dragon-types. Azumarill is not unbeatable, though. Alolan Raichu is the popular choice to take down Azumarill. However, since more trainers are becoming wise to that fact, players without an Azumarill might be better off including a Leafeon in their team.


Trainers might not have come across Altaria as often as Registeel and Azumarill since only those who have saved up 400 Swablu candy will have one. Nevertheless, they are popping up and its ability to take plenty of hits can prove troublesome. The trick is to make those hits count as when Altaria hits back, it hurts. Trainers should look no further than their best-suited Ice-type for this task. Lapras is the Pokémon that immediately springs to mind, but any powerful Ice-type that qualifies for the Great League will do the trick.

Season one of Pokémon GO‘s GO Battle League isn’t what Niantic would have imagined it to be, but it is a welcome distraction from what is going on around the world right now. Stay tuned to TheGamer for everything there is to know about Battle League going forward and for tips on how to tackle frequently used Pokémon in the Ultra and Master Leagues when they begin.

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