Red Dead Online Naturalists Can Now Hunt The Legendary Shadow Buck

From bootlegging your moonshine to hunting outlaws, Red Dead Online lets you live out your wild west fantasies like no other game. If you prefer taking in nature, studying animals, and hunting legendary beasts, then you definitely should take up the role of a Naturalist.

Naturalists in Red Dead Online can finally look forward to tracking down a new legendary creature, alongside a slew of changes coming to the game.

Red Dead Online: The Shadow Buck Appears

The Rockstar Games Newswire has announced the arrival of the new Legendary Shadow Buck that has been spotted near Annesburg. Harriet will give you the mission to track the Shadow Buck for a nice reward. If you manage to sedate the legendary creature, you will get a free vest, of your choice, alongside 100 rounds of sedative ammo. Those of you that don’t care for a peaceful approach can kill then skin the Shadow Buck for 100 rounds of Express Repeater ammo.

Obtaining the Shadow Buck’s pelt can net you a nice reward if you take it back to Gus, and unlock the opportunity to purchase the Shadow Coat. Crafting the new coat will also give you a free bandolier of your choice.

The Arrival of Vitalism Studies Pamphlet And New Discounts

New to naturalists in Red Dead Online is the vitalism study pamphlet given by Harriet. For naturalists that reach rank 5, they can approach Harriet for an opportunity to have a new experience – drugs! Harriet gives you powerful drugs to play as an animal for a short period. If tripping in the woods is not your vibe, then maybe new discounts on outfits and repeaters might be. All outfits, offhand holsters, and gun belts are 40% off, while all repeaters are 30% off.

Hardcore Takeover Series And Prime Gaming 

Rounding out the last bit of content for this week is the featured series, the hardcore takeover series. If you manage to win in this week’s series, you will be rewarded with a free hat of your choice. Additionally, if you have a Prime Gaming account linked to your profile, you have the opportunity to claim some new rewards. The Prime Gaming rewards are a free Icahi Coat, Katata Coat, 6,000 naturalist XP, a wilderness camp, five rewards for a free box of Nitro Express Ammunition, a reward for 50 rounds of Sedative Varmint Cartridges, and 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones.

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