Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Apex Venom Spike

If you’re hoping to craft the last few Rampage weapons, such as the Rampage Blade II or the Rampage Cleaver II, then you need the Apex Venom Spike, and that is easier said than done when hunting for rare monster materials in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Apex Venom Spike is just one of many rare High Rank monster materials you can find in MH Rise, but the Apex Venom Spike will specifically only be available through one type of quest, on one type of rank, and even then it’s not a guaranteed reward. You might need to do this several times.

Getting the Apex Venom Spike in MHR is tough business, and you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort, but it’ll all be worth it once you get the results you want, and this guide will help you to narrow down exactly what you need.

How To Earn Apex Venom Spike In Monster Hunter Rise

The Apex Venom Spike is a pretty rare item, but since you know what weapons you’re working towards, you probably already know the kinds of quests it is available in. The Apex Venom Spike is only available from Rampage quests, and only from one specific monster.

Once you start taking on seven-star Rampage quests, you can encounter the Apex Rathian, a tougher wyvern than what you’re used to. The Apex Rathian will only appear in seven-star Rampage quests, and it’s this monster that will drop the Apex Venom Spike.

Since the Apex Rathian isn’t going to appear in every Rampage quest, this just means it’s even tougher to fight it and earn the Apex Venom Spike. As a result, you need to maximise the amount of materials you can earn from the Apex Rathian when it does appear.

How To Earn Apex Venom Spike

  • Quest – Rampage 7*
  • Target Monster – Apex Rathian

How To Farm Apex Venom Spike In Monster Hunter Rise

Obviously your chances of earning the Apex Venom Spike go up if you’re taking on a lot of seven-star Rampage quests – naturally – and when an Apex Rathian spawns, that’s your time to strike.

When an Apex Rathian is on the field you should be focusing on farming it for Monster Materials. You won’t be carving the monster after fighting it, so instead you need to focus on bashing pieces out of it and breaking parts. The best way to do this is to utilise other monsters and Wyvern Riding, of course.

We have a guide to Wyvern Riding here, but the short story is that when a monster is stunned you’ll be given the chance to mount it. You can then make your monster fight the Apex Rathian, and each powerful blow should break parts and send Apex Rathian materials flowing out like a fountain.

If you manage to ride the Apex Rathian itself, you should use the Launch button to fly Apex Rathian into another monster – the monster you collided with will then become mountable, giving you the chance to redirect that attention back to Apex Rathian.

This item is hard to get because of the circumstances and how rare it is, but if you repeatedly take on seven-star Rampage quests and follow these tips, you’ll soon have plenty of Apex Venom Spike.

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