Return To Castle Rock In We Were Here Forever, Launching Later This Year

In a newly released trailer for the next installment in the series, fans of We Were Here were treated to a return to Castle Rock and the sinister laughter of The Jester. We Were Here Forever sees a brand-new suite of puzzles, thrills, and mayhem.

The We Were Here series, launched in 2017 by Total Mayhem Games, is a collection of collaborative adventures that take place in Castle Rock, an abandoned castle in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Players communicate over walkie-talkies in the game to solve puzzles, find each other, and escape before they’re forever imprisoned by a mysterious antagonist. The original game won Best Indie Game from Indigo in 2017, as well as the Audience Choice Gamekings Award from the Dutch Gaming Awards in 2017, and has maintained a Very Positive rating on Steam since its release. The series has three installments: We Were Here, We Were Here Too, and We Were Here Together. We Were Here Forever is the fourth.

In the trailer, released on the Total Mayhem Games official YouTube channel, players get a glimpse of the latest antagonist. Over a creepy, music-box-like orchestral track, we listen to the Jester rattle off his mad rhyme:

Vermin of Castle RockHear my whispers as you walk and talkYou were left behind in my majesty’s keepBetrayed or simply not that cleverBring me what I seekOr sufferForever!

The camera pans over the signature dark, atmospheric tunnels and hallways of Castle Rock and shows us our protagonists, trusty walkie-talkies in hand, before showing us the disturbing, glowing visage of a Harlequin jester puppet, being controlled by an unseen force.

Fans of the game are already wildly excited. It seems that Total Mayhem Games has hit on a formula that makes a lot of puzzle gamers very happy, as they’re already setting up sessions with their friends to play the newest installment even without a definite release date. They’re excited to see what new puzzles are being implemented, as well as being excited to replay their favorites in a new scenario.

We Were Here Forever will launch on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. Exact dates are still to be announced.

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