RuneScape Releases New Merch In Honor Of 20th Anniversary

RuneScape continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary, this time with a new lineup of official merchandise. Check out the store today and you’ll find a new Anniversary T-Shirt, Void Seal Pin, and several new keyring designs from Angels Scapes.

Several soundtracks are also up for pre-order, along with the RuneScape: The First 20 Years Deluxe artbook and a gold map of Gielinor. Much of RuneScape’s 20th anniversary has been celebrated in-game with special events and new quests – but it’s great to see some new swag gracing the pages of its official store.

“2021 marks 20 Years of RuneScape, and we’ve added new merch to celebrate!” Jagex said. “A special black and gold map of Gielinor, available as a print or a tee! Limited edition Fire Cape keyring celebrating Angels Scapes reaching 200 designs for the store!” You can check out some of the new gear in the announcement tweet below, or head to the storefront to see the entire lineup.

RuneScape will also see an official mobile release this summer, after spending several months testing out the port in Early Access. The iOS and Android versions of RuneScape are fully compatible with their PC counterpart, letting you pause your questing on one platform and pick it up on the other. The biggest difference between mobile and PC is the UI – which has been totally reworked for touchscreens.

RuneScape’s new lineup of 20th Anniversary merch is now available on the official store.

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