Star Wars Battlefront 2 DOWN: Error 721 hits Battlefront servers ahead of EA Play

Players are reporting issues with Star Wars Battlefront 2 servers being down tonight.

The first reports with accessing the game were shared hours ago and it appears that players are still seeing Error 721 messages popping up.

This error message confirms that players are unable to access the game’s online content but doesn’t give a reason why.

For now, it’s unclear what is causing tonight’s problems or how long they might last.

One user writes: “Still down. Trying to grind for this old master skin and Lenobi emote and it’s killing the vibe.”

Another adds: “My internet is fine right now but I cannot connect to EA servers here in Arizona, USA.”

Other EA games remain unaffected, meaning that this issue is localised around Stars Wars Battlefront 2.

This could make it easier to fix the problem, ahead of tonight’s big EA Play event.


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