Super Mario 3D All Stars Leak Suggests The Switch Bundle Is Emulated

After already facing major shortages, Super Mario 3D All Stars has purportedly leaked online — and it appears that all of the games in the collection are emulated.

Super Mario 3D All Stars was originally due to launch on September 18, but has already leaked online just three days ahead of its release date. The news comes from a Twitter user called OatmealDome, who recently published a thread delving into the discovery.

You can check it out for yourself below.

As you can see, Super Mario 3D All Stars has already surfaced online. This leak confirms that Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine appear to run on Wii and GameCube emulators, respectively, while the collection’s version of Super Mario 64 is compatible with an N64 emulator.

Although it was initially unclear which specific one it was engineered for, OatmealDome later posted another thread dissecting the N64 emulator Super Mario 3D All Stars appears to be using.

Meanwhile, Galaxy’s code has apparently been recompiled to run on the Switch CPU, but according to OatmealDome everything else — GPU, audio, and so on — has been developed to run on the Wii emulator.

OatmealDome also notes that the codename for this project might be “Stardust,” and that it’s possible that “Shigeru” — likely referring to Shigeru Miyamoto — could be the name for Super Mario Galaxy in particular.

The menu you use to select which of the collection’s games you want to play has also been revealed. It’s made with LunchPack, which is the engine used for titles like Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Animal Crossing.

If you’re interested in purchasing Super Mario 3D All Stars by legitimate means, you can pre-order the limited edition Switch release at the link. If you’re wondering about why it’s a limited edition release, it seems that Nintendo only intends to sell Super Mario 3D All Stars until March.

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