The 10 Unevolved Pokemon with the Highest HP Stat

Are you having trouble surviving some of the more serious hits that gym leaders are doling out against your Pokemon? Maybe you find that your Pokemon don’t last very long in battle. Never fear — you don’t need to catch a Legendary or hunt down a beefy Blissey to outlast the opponent. There are plenty of unevolved Pokemon that have fantastic HP stats and should be able to eat a few hits without going down.

A Pokemon doesn’t need to be fully-evolved to have a great base HP stat, as these Pokemon show. Sometimes, a Pokemon that can evolve (but hasn’t yet) has points in HP that even fully-evolved Pokemon don’t. Here are the Pokemon that have not yet evolved with the highest HP stats.

10 Igglybuff

Baby Pokemon don’t typically find themselves on the stat leaderboards, but a few of them have some stats here and there that are pretty respectable. One of them is Igglybuff, the Baby pre-evolution for Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff introduced in Generation II.

This entire line has a nice bit of HP, including Igglybuff, whose base HP stat is 90. This won’t be tanking the hardest hits from Legendaries, but for a Baby Pokemon, it’s surprisingly decent.

9 Drifloon

The people who make Pokemon seem to think that balloons are a lot sturdier than they actually are. Igglybuff, the previous entry, is part of an evolutionary family that are all based on balloons. Additionally, Drifloon, the Ghost/Flying-type from Generation IV, is also a balloon, and it also has a great HP stat.

Why they think that balloons — which are frighteningly fragile — have so much resilience and bulk is unknown. But, Drifloon has a base HP stat of 90 as well — the same as Igglybuff’s. Its evolution, also a balloon, has the highest HP base stat of all Flying-types and ties for the highest amongst Ghost-types. What are these balloons made out of?

8 Phanpy

Joining Igglybuff from Generation II is Phanpy, the Ground-type that eventually evolves into Donphan. This small elephant-like Pokemon has a surprisingly high HP stat of 90 as well. It doesn’t have many other notable stats to pair with it, though its defense is pretty decent for a base stage at 60 points.

Interestingly, when it evolves, Phanpy doesn’t gain any base HP. Donphan still has 90 base HP. However, it does beef up in its physical stats, with 120 in both attack and defense — double what Phanpy had in each of those.

7 Slowpoke

Slowpoke is one of the several Pokemon that received a Galarian regional variant in Generation VIII. However, unlike many others, its stat distribution doesn’t change between its two forms. Both Kantonian and Galarian Slowpoke have a base stat total of 315, with a heavy focus on HP. Each has a base HP stat of 90, making up almost a third of its entire base stat total.

It’s a good thing Slowpoke can take a hit, too. Its speed stat is only a measly 15, meaning it won’t be moving out the way fast enough to dodge much.

6 Lickitung

Generation I seemed to have a ton of beefy Pokemon that are pink. The Chansey family, the Slowpoke family, the Jigglypuff family — and now, the Lickitung family. Both Lickitung and its Generation IV evolution, Lickilicky, both have very high HP stats.

Like the previous entries on this list, Lickitung has a base HP stat of 90. After evolving, this gets even better. Lickilicky has a base HP stat of 110, which, while not setting any records, is still pretty high.

5 Wynaut

Another Baby Pokemon with a decent HP stat is Wynaut — at 95 points — which isn’t surprising, considering its evolution, Wobbuffet, is a Pokemon whose whole gimmick is being able to tank a ton of hits without going down like a punching bag.

Wynaut seems to be inspired by the Okiagari-koboshi doll, which is one of these dolls that stands back up when you push it over. This traditional Japanese toy is a symbol of perseverance, so it makes sense that Wynaut is pretty resilient. Its evolution, Wobbuffet, has an insanely high 190 base HP, the highest of any Psychic-type.

4 Type: Null

Type: Null, the Legendary Pokemon created by the Aether Foundation to defeat the Ultra Beasts, has a very respectable base stat total of 534. Humans made it to be powerful, so it’s no surprise that it has such good stats. Type: Null actually has the highest base stat total of all Pokemon that can evolve.

As a result, its HP stat is pretty high at 95. Interestingly, other than speed, all of Type: Null’s stats are 95.

3 Happiny

The undisputed masters of HP have always been the Chansey family. Chansey, in Generation I, was known for its extreme bulk, with a base HP stat of 250 points. Blissey, the evolution Chansey received in Generation II, has the highest HP stat of any Pokemon, at 255.

It stands to reason, then, that their Baby pre-evolution, Happiny, might also have high HP. While not on the extreme levels of its evolutionary relatives, Happiny has a very nice HP stat of 100. That’s high, but what’s even crazier is that Happiny’s HP stat increasing to Chansey’s 250 when it evolves is the single-highest base stat jump of any Pokemon.

2 Wailmer

Wailmer and Wailord are famous for their immense size. Wailord was once the tallest Pokemon (only beat out by Eternatus in Generation VIII nowadays) and is one of the heaviest. Its pre-evolution, Wailmer, is also very large and bulky, at 130 kg (286.6 lbs).

As a result, both have very respectable HP stats. While Wailord has the highest HP base stat of all Water-types at 170, it doesn’t even need to evolve to be so resilient. Wailmer has an impressive 130 base HP even before evolving.

1 Munchlax

Snorlax is known alongside Chansey for its high HP stat — though not quite as high — putting up 160 points in the category. While Snorlax doesn’t measure up to Chansey, it’s pre-evolution, Munchlax, beats out Chansey’s pre-evolution Happiny by a landslide.

Munchlax has a record-setting base HP of a whopping 135. This makes it the highest HP stat for an unevolved Pokemon, as well as the highest HP stat of all Baby Pokemon (as well as the highest base stat total of all Baby Pokemon in general). Amusingly, it ties with Shuckle and Pyukumuku for the lowest speed stat of all Pokemon. Slow and beefy — the ultimate lazy Pokemon.

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