This Week In Monster Hunter: World (May Week 1)

This week in Monster Hunter: World, the Full Bloom Festival ends and The Distant Dark Tide event quest begins.

With the next title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne delayed indefinitely, Capcom is trying to keep things fresh by really pushing seasonal events and the new event quest, The Distant Dark Tide.

We’ve covered the Full Bloom Festival before, so you can read up on it here if you still haven’t gotten all the fun loot that’s available during the event. The Festival ends on May 7th (that’s tomorrow) so you’ve got a day to crush out all those quests and make that sweet Rose armor set.

The Distant Dark Tide is a new event quest that arrived this week that requires you to slay an Arch-Tempered Namielle. It’s a Master Rank quest, so you’ll need to be MR 100 or higher just to take on this challenge. The Arch-Tempered Namielle is extremely deadly and can one-hit KO hunters with many of its movies. It’s highly recommended to bring a ranged weapon to avoid its powerful attacks and to prioritize defense when having a meal at the Canteen.

If you managed to slay the Namielle, you’ll get a Namielle Ticket that can be used to craft the Namielle γ+ Armor Set, the Evasion Charm V, and several different Layered Armors.

We’re keeping an eye out for when Capcom announces Monster Hunter’s next title update. Stay tuned.

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