Ticket To Ride: First Journey Free On Steam Until April 12

Board games are a fantastic hobby to get into, and now users can get a free copy of Ticket to Ride: First Journey on Steam until April 12 by clicking here. This version of the popular board game is in fact a smaller, more simplistic adaptation from the original that is a great way to get younger kids into the overall genre of table-top gaming.

Players can either play as a group, in solo mode, and there are unlockable rewards that come from playing matches. For those who are familiar with the original game and its several expansions, First Journey provides a more straightforward, objective-based experience by stripping away certain gameplay concepts.

Players still begin their turns by drawing two cards from the Train deck or by claiming a route, that much remains unchanged from the regular game. At its core, the gameplay remains the same but is far easier for a younger crowd to pick up, with some more complex concepts removed that are in the original series.

Overall, this is a great launching point for children to get into board games, and anyone interested should head over to Steam now to claim their game.

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