Tower Of Fantasy – Banges Ruin B-01 Dungeon Guide

Ruins and dungeons are always one of the core exploration mechanics in open-world games and this is no different for Tower Of Fantasy. Every main region has three ruin locations that can be seen on the map when you zoom in. They have a special mark of their own which makes them very easy to identify.

B-01 is the first ruin in the line of three on Banges, but it isn't easy in any manner. You'll be facing a ton of enemies throughout this ruin, and it's also filled with puzzles which makes it even harder to clear. Once you've finished all difficulties, you'll get a total of 12 ruin chests.

How To Full Clear Ruin B-01 On Easy Mode

Even if you don't particularly want to do the ruins, you need to explore the easy mode of every ruin because it contributes to the exploration progress, and you can't achieve 100 percent without them. Thankfully, this domain is not particularly hard to clear on easy mode.

As soon as you enter the domain, you'll find a path leading downwards with a few Ravagers in front. These are one of the main groups of enemies and are inherently quite tanky. You'll be facing level 21 enemies in this dungeon, so you need to be prepared.

While it's not required to defeat these Ravagers, it will definitely make it easier for you to get the first chest. Once you're done with the enemies, you'll see a small room with a red button inside. Stand on this button and the door with the chest will open, giving you the first ruin chest on easy mode.

Although, this will close the door that you came in through. So, you need to claim the chest and then interact with the lever to open the door again and head out. Next, look to your right as you're getting out of the room, and you'll see the next path.

There will be two rotating tubes forming a bridge. You need to cross this bridge without falling down, as that will respawn you back at the starting point of the bridge. Once you get through, you'll fight three more Ravagers, and one of them will be a mini-boss that will have high health and a shield.

Upon defeating these ravagers, you'll find yourself in a room with the main puzzle of this ruin. Above the stairs, there will be two doors in this room. The one to your left leads you to the next area, and the one to the right leads you to the second ruin chest.

To get to the ruin chest, you need to get close to the door and observe the slate inside the room. The same pattern needs to be formed with the buttons on the floor. To do this, you can simply step on the blue buttons in the picture above.

This will open the door allowing you to get the second chest. Once you've acquired it, activate the lever in the middle of the staircase to reset the buttons. Now, you need to solve it using the big slate on the wall, or by using the picture above.

Once the other door opens, head through it, and you'll fight a few more Ravagers which will allow you to move to the main boss room. In the final room, you'll face the Vulcan which will have multiple health bars stacked, and it'll also get a shield time and again.

Further, this boss will also have an ultimate attack that it will use when the maximum meter fills up, this meter is shown below his health bar once it starts charging. After defeating Vulcan, victory will be yours to claim.

You don't necessarily have to defeat the last bunch of Ravagers before the boss room because they don't follow you through the door, and you can still fight the boss normally.

How To Full Clear Ruin B-01 On Normal Mode

The stakes will be higher as you go to the next difficulty since you'll be facing level 34 enemies on normal. The ruin structure stays the same across every difficulty, but the enemy level increases. Also, you get two extra chests whenever you move to the next difficulty.

You'll still have the two chests from the easy mode in the same location here, which will leave us with two new chest locations. Thankfully, you don't have to solve any puzzles to get the new chests on the normal mode.

For the first chest, after defeating the Ravagers once you cross the rotating bridge, you'll see a hidden passage on the left side of the stairs. Follow this passage, and you'll find the chest sitting at the top of the stairs in a corner.

The final chest on the normal mode will casually be sitting on the right side as soon as you enter the boss room. Simply claim this and defeat Vulcan again to claim victory in normal mode.

How To Full Clear Ruin B-01 On Hard Mode

The hard mode of B-01 will have you challenge enemies up to level 49 and this is where things get tough. Even the normal enemies will be really tanky here, and you'll have to give it a couple of tries if you don't have the required damage and sustenance.

This mode will contain the four chests from normal mode and two extra ones in new locations. For the first one of these new chest, you'll find a secret passage on the left side as soon as you enter the main puzzle room. The chest will casually be sitting inside.

In this mode, you'll have to defeat the Ravagers before the boss room if you don't want to have a frustrating time trying to get the last chest. This is located on a platform above in this second-last room. You'll need the Omnium Handcannon relic to acquire this one.

With this, you'll have all the chests at every difficulty on B-01 ruin.

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