Call of Duty: Warzone Reaches 30 Million Players in Ten Days

Only ten days after release, Call of Duty: Warzone looks like a massive hit with over 30 million players diving into the newest take on the battle royale genre. Like most titles in the genre, players can download Warzone for free, and now more than ever there is an abundance of time to play video games.

As concerns of the potential pandemic spread of Covid-19 are keeping more and more people in their homes, it is impossible to know if the success of Warzone is partially due to the sudden spike in available players, or if would have garnered the same positive attention and player traction without the sudden need to stay home.

Currently it is impossible to say how long the need for social distancing will remain in effect, but it does seem like Warzone will remain a staple for many players as the days turn into weeks. Even if life does return to normal soon, neither Fortnite or Apex Legends is doing anything new and exciting to capture and maintain the interest of its players. Fortnite in particular seems to be in a drought for content, and Warzone will likely continue to benefit from a large pool of players.

Luckily, TheGamer has all the resources a player needs to dominate the opposition. There are guides that rank each vehicle, how best to spend Cash, and how to tackle the 1v1 Gulag fights that give players a second chance at winning the entire match. Be sure to take a look, since there is so much to learn in Warzone to gain a competitive edge!

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