What To Do After Beating Final Fantasy VII Remake

So you’ve just seen the credits roll for Final Fantasy VII Remake and you, understandably, want more. The game ends on such a note of optimism that it’s actually pretty hard to put down when it’s technically over. Here’s a quick primer on getting back into the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

New Game+

Hard Mode

The Hard Difficulty setting for Final Fantasy VII Remake is available only after the first playthrough of the game. The game’s difficulty is adjusted by changing how aggressive enemies are but more-so by giving enemies more health and damage output. This makes Hard Difficulty an unreasonable challenge for most players starting at level one. So those looking for tougher fights should hang around after the credits.

Trophy Hunting

Play the Original

The Final Fantasy VII available on PC and consoles is a port of the PC version of the original release and therefore not exactly the same as the PS1 game. But it’s close enough that no one would notice without playing them side by side. So if you finish the remake and do exhaust every mini-game, side quest, and other entertainments Final Fantasy VII Remake has to offer, there are at least eighty more hours of Final Fantasy VII available on practically any hardware you own. This is also an option for those purists angered and confused by the game’s ending. They can drown their sorrow in the lifestream.

So what are your plans now that you’re on the other side of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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