Wolverine Logan Skin For Fortnite Leaks Online

It’s been about a month since Fortnite started teasing a Marvel crossover that was in the works for season 4. Many people speculated that the X-Men would be a part of said crossover, so it became reasonable to assume that one of their most famous mutants would be, too. And, as expected, a leak has surfaced online that showcases Wolverine’s brand new “Logan” skin in Fortnite.

Season 4 is completely dedicated to Marvel heroes and lore, pitting you against a crazed Galactus as Thor tries to regain his memories and help Galactus fight the Black Winter that threatens the entire universe. The story isn’t limited to just Thor and the Avengers, though, as plenty of other Marvel heroes (and villains) have entered the fray. It’s even rumored that day-walking vampire Blade is making his way to Fortnite.

Wolverine, though, is still one of the most iconic and recognizable heroes that you’re going to see in the game — something that still applies even when he’s not sporting his signature yellow and blue X-Men suit. This is proved by a tweet that recently surfaced online, which offers us our first look at a fully designed and rendered “Logan” skin.

You can check it out for yourself in the tweet embedded below.

The slightly battle-damaged Logan skin isn’t sporting his trademark claws, but even so, you know that this isn’t the kind of person that you want to mess with. As it stands, it’s still unclear as to how you’ll be able to get a hold of this skin, but if it’s anything like the existing one, there will probably be more than one way to do it.

This season of Fortnite is one of the biggest the game has ever seen. Drawing on stories with decades of history behind them — or, in Thor’s case, centuries — is a clever way to keep the game fresh. The fact that Fortnite is now officially part of Marvel lore doesn’t hurt either, nor does the fact that fans have been hugely supportive of Epic’s faithfulness to the Marvel properties so far. Let’s hope that faithfulness continues.

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