Xbox Series S is in stock right now at Amazon UK

There’s still no sign of the PS5 and Xbox Series X but Amazon has got the Xbox Series S in stock now – even if it probably won’t last.

Despite constant rumours of a major new delivery of stock there’s been absolutely no sign of the PlayStation 5 at UK retail since last year.

The same’s been true of the Xbox Series X, but the cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S, which still runs all the same games, has popped up a few times already and now it’s at

Despite being the least in demand of the new next gen consoles the Xbox Series S has still only managed to stay in stock for around 30 minutes at a time, and there’s nothing so far to suggest this will be any different.

At time of writing Amazon are the only ones to be selling the Xbox Series S in the UK, although it’s also been up for sale on the Microsoft Store briefly this year.

Rumours had suggested that the PlayStation 5 would receive stock beginning last week but so far there’s been nothing. And given how long it’s been since there have been any to buy they’re undoubtedly going to sell out in minutes when they do arrive.

Sony has given no indication of when the PlayStation 5 will become easily available, but Microsoft has previously estimated April for the Xbox Series X. Although that is beginning to look overly optimistic…

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