Yakuza: Like A Dragon Is Now Available On PS5

At long last, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is finally available as a native PS5 title. After launching in November of 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, players will be able to experience Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios’ RPG adventure in all of its next-gen glory on their PS5 consoles. It’s maybe not the most substantial update for the game, but it’s certainly nice to have 60 fps and 4K output.

Those that bought the PS4 version either physically or digitally will be able to grab a free upgrade to the next-gen version via the PlayStation Store. It’s maybe a bit convoluted to actually redeem said version, but that’s a nice gesture from Sega. If you haven’t yet bought the game, three different versions are now purchasable that include extra cosmetic DLC.

The first version is the regular Standard edition for $59.99. This will give you the base game on PS5 and is available physically and digitally. Up next is the digital Hero edition for $69.99. This includes all of the content from the Day Ichi Edition as well as an unlock for all of the game’s job classes. Lastly, the digitally Legendary Hero edition can be purchased for $89.99 and comes packed with all of the previous content as well as extra costumes, a stat boost set, extra karaoke songs, and some in-game crafting items.

If none of that interests you, Sega is offering up the Legends Costume Set for free across all platforms. Free until April 2, it will let you dress up your party as characters from the series’ past. It’s a nice little bonus for players that may have been waiting to jump into Like a Dragon.

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