Animal Crossing: New Horizons Campsite Guide — Inviting Villagers And Using Amiibo

One of the locations you can unlock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the campsite. From time to time, random villagers may come to your campsite, and from there you can even invite them to live on your island. The campsite is also a major part of New Horizons’ Amiibo integration, which we’ll explain more in this guide.

Below you’ll find information on how to unlock the campsite on your island and invite villagers to camp there. If you’re curious about how to unlock or upgrade other buildings, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub, where we have more guides on the various visitors, buildings, equipment, and critters in New Horizons, plus tips on how to make money. Be sure to read our review in progress as well!

How To Get The Campsite

In order to unlock the campsite, you’ll first have to complete the Resident Services building, which is a multi-step process that we outline in our Resident Services guide. The earliest you can get the campsite is on the eighth day you play (and it won’t even be built until the ninth), so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten there yet.

Once the Resident Services building is complete, go inside. In a bid to attract more residents to the island, Tom Nook will ask you to help construct a campsite for the town. Like with other buildings, he’ll give you a kit and let you pick out a plot of land for the campsite; you won’t have to contribute any bells or crafting materials to build it.

Like with most other buildings, after you’ve placed the campsite plans down on your island, construction will begin and will take the entire day to complete. The campsite will be done the next day, but there’s no guarantee you will get a visitor right away.

How To Invite Villagers To Live On Your Island

The first time a villager visits your campsite, you’ll be able to invite them to live on your island. Tom Nook will give you a housing kit and let you pick out a plot of land for them to move to; this will unlock the ability to pre-place housing plots ahead of time so villagers can continue to move in. After this, you’ll only be able to invite campers to live on your island if you a) have fewer than 10 villagers living on your island and b) have an open housing plot available for them. It appears that campers will only visit in the first place if these conditions are met as well.

How Do Amiibo Work?

Once your first camper moves in, you’ll be able to use Animal Crossing Amiibo or Amiibo cards at the Nook Stop machine in Resident Services to invite the associated villager to visit your campsite. Just interact with the machine and select the new Amiibo option to then scan the Amiibo or Amiibo card.

Villagers you invite in this way will ask you to craft them something, and even then, they may not agree to move to your island. Note that you can’t invite certain characters, like Tom Nook and Isabelle, to your campsite.

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