Disc Room Brings Brutal Buzzsaw Action To PC And Switch This Momth

Disc Room, Devolver Digital’s upcoming game about running through rooms full of razor-sharp buzzsaws, has a release date and a Switch version on the way. The game, previously announced for PC, will hit both Steam and the Switch Eshop on October 22.

Nothing we write is going to sum up Disc Room quite as elegantly as the description at the start of the video below: “Disc Room is a game about rooms with discs. Really, really sharp discs.”


The game is set in 2089, when a giant disc appears around Jupiter. For whatever reason, you’re sent in there to explore it–and it turns out the rooms in the disc are filled with traps.

There are unique goals to complete in each room, all of which revolve around dodging between saws. Sometimes the goals you’ll need to complete are obtuse, and are more like puzzles than reflex tests.

You’ll also unlock new abilities throughout Disc Room as you die repeatedly, which will make rooms easier to complete. Leaderboards in each level will let you know how you compare against other players, too.

For more on Disc Room, check out our video of eight of the game’s deadly chambers.

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