Fall Guys Patch Notes: Big Update Pokes Fun At Players

Fall Guys is getting a new patch on PS4 and PC that aims to fix some of its biggest issues while also making the game fairer and less frustrating. Planned for this week, it addresses several different parts of the game and the patch notes even include a slight jab at players concerned with the Yellow Team’s dominance in team games.

The round-selection algorithm has been altered so it will now only pick team-based games when the team sizes can be equal, and the most-frequent crashing issues were addressed. Jump Showdown was one of the biggest targets for the patch, with a jump exploit and camera issues being fixed, and the Slime Climb will no longer let players grab certain obstacles.

On PS4, inverted control users can finally play the game with an X/Y axis setting as well as sensitivity settings. The UI should also run more smoothly on older PS4 systems, and the jump button’s binding can be changed for Japanese players to better match what other games use.

Fall Guys isn’t slowing down, as Geoff Keighley’s Gamescom Opening Night Live will be the venue for an August 25 Season 2 reveal. It isn’t clear what will be included in the new season, but we’ll likely see new modes and costumes. Its developers are also interested in seeing the game get the Lego treatment if the toy giant is on board, as well.

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