Resident Evil Resistance's PS4 And PC Beta Finally Begins

After experiencing technical issues that delayed the PS4 and PC versions of the Resident Evil Resistance beta past their Xbox One counterpart, the beta is now live on all platforms. It will run until Resident Evil 3 launches on April 3.

Game director Al Yang shared the news on his Twitter page, adding that players will need to download the game’s latest update if they still cannot play the game online.

The beta’s launch comes just a few days before Resident Evil 3 releases on the same systems. All copies of Resident Evil 3 come with Resident Evil Resistance as a free bonus, regardless of whether they are digital or physical. It was originally announced as a completely separate game, but was revealed as a freebie when Resident Evil 3 was revealed in January. It is the only way to get Resident Evil Resistance.

Resident Evil Resistance is a non-canonical asymmetric multiplayer game starring a group of survivors who must escape from a mastermind’s facility as traps and monsters are thrown at them. One player controls the villain and can carefully plan how to attack the group, but if they manage to escape, the match is over.

The multiplayer component could help to make Resident Evil 3 a more compelling buy, but we have mixed feelings right now. In GameSpot’s Resident Evil 3 remake review in progress, Alessandro Fillari found the game’s best moments were early on and it couldn’t keep up its tension for the entire six-hour runtime. A full review will be available once we have played more of Resident Evil Resistance, and you can learn how to pre-order the game with our launch guide.

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