PS5 Reveals Little Big Planet — Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Fans of Little Big Planet, rejoice! Sumo Digital (the team behind Little Big Planet 3 and Little Big Planet on the PlayStation Vita) has just announced the next step in the series–Sackboy: A Big Adventure at the PlayStation 5 reveal event.

This title will be a 3D platformer with an isometric perspective, harkening back to the likes of Super Mario 3D World. The whimsical trailer showed off Sackboy and a secondary controllable character cavorting through various worlds to the Go! Team soundtrack.

Players will have to fight off a variety of enemies ranging from purple snow monsters to angry robots as they jump, roll, and throw themselves through brightly-colored environments.

This Little Big Planet spin-off looks like it’s also going to feature the traditional four-player co-op experience that has defined the franchise’s main games. However, there’s no word yet as to whether or not players will be able to get creative with things like level building.

Sackboy is the protagonist of the Little Big Planet games, though this new direction with the naming looks like an attempt to Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s gameplay from the standard fare available in past entries. The last entry where he was named front and center was Run, Sackboy, Run–a spin-off for the PlayStation Vita.

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