Everything We Know About Grand Theft Auto 6

While Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be announced, it is, for all intents and purposes, currently in the works. Most recently, this was confirmed by a Rockstar Games employee who was interviewed by Kotaku over the change in Rockstar’s “crunch culture” following Red Dead Redemption II‘s release. But, this begs the question: how much do we know about the game?

The Story And Characters

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is an open-world series that involves the player roaming urban settings while committing often heinous acts in the pursuit of chaos and riches. Presumably, Grand Theft Auto 6 will follow this vein gameplay-wise, though not much is known in terms of story or narrative. Multiple rumors have been floated regarding the it, including the idea of a female protagonist getting the spotlight. Further, it has been rumored that the game will touch upon things like prison, immigration, HIV, and more. The protagonist has also been said to be an aspiring drug lord, which recalls Tony Montana from Scarface, but none of this has been confirmed.

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Vice City?

The game’s location has been hinted at through various sources. One of multiple leaks says that the game will be taking place in Vice City, the titular location of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This comes through multiple sources, one of which being an anonymous insider who claims that Vice City will, indeed, be the heart location of Grand Theft Auto V.

Less Content Than GTA V

In terms of concrete information, the game is said to be a long way off by the Kotaku interviewee. Further, the game may come out with a moderate amount of content at release and expand thereafter. This is an alleged direct result of the changing structure of Rockstar’s development cycle, which puts less strain on the company’s employees. Yet, the lessened initial content would theoretically mean a sooner release date, if still far away.

Not much has been confirmed about Grand Theft Auto 6, but numerous rumors suggest various aspects of its narrative and location while direct sources have been candid about the game’s development and release. Although a long way off, it is fun to pontificate where the franchise will head with the next installment, though hopefully, we’ll get more directly from Rockstar soon.

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