Call Of Duty Mobile Has Updated With A New Map–Here's The Full Patch Notes

Immediately following an update that introduced some new modes, Call of Duty Mobile has received another update that brings a new map, additional game modes, and more to the popular mobile spin-off entry in the series. We’ve compiled the full patch notes below.

The headlining feature of this new CoD Mobile update is the inclusion of a brand-new map. Meltdown, the industrial storage container laden location from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, makes an appearance in Mobile with its tight spaces and open pathways perfect for medium-to-close quarters combat. Meltdown can be played in several game modes, including Gun Game, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and more.

The patch also kicks off CoD Mobile’s new season, Steel Legion. Though it doesn’t technically go live until April 1, the update implements a ton of seasonal rewards, themed weapons, and more in preparation for Season 4. Steel Legion is slated to run from April 1 until June 1.

Elsewhere in the update, Call of Duty Mobile sees a bunch of adjustments and tweaks as well. This includes additional game modes–like 2v2 Showdown and Gun Game: Team Fight–weapon balances, bug fixes, and much more.

in other Call of Duty news, a pretty huge update for Modern Warfare has been pushed back. It was slated to add a new map and Operator, but developer Infinity Ward announced that the patch will arrive sometime “in the coming days.” A reason for the delay has not been provided. Warzone, on the other hand, will see four new weapons introduced soon.

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Full Call of Duty Mobile Patch Notes

New Ranked Season

Season 4 Ranked Mode will run from April 1st until June 1st

  • New ranked mode seasonal rewards
  • All new Industrial Revolution themed weapons & equipment coming to Season 4 Ranked Mode, including Epic weapon Man-o-War, and Epic soldier Ruin
  • Ranked Mode Changes
  • Improved art and particle effects in Ranked match tab
  • Improved score earning rules for MP based on player’s performance
  • Improved matchmaking logic
  • New Ranked MP Mode map: Temporarily replaced Scrapyard with Meltdown, available for S&D, DOM and TDM
  • Reduced the penalty for losing a ranked match

Battle Pass

  • Steel Legion Pass has arrived! New Content
    • Originally from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Lt. Commander David Mason, Code Name: SECTION, is now available in the Premium Battle Pass
  • Mason Battle Pass themed weapons are also available now for a limited time
    • Free Battle Pass Rewards
    • GKS: New high-powered SMG that has reliable recoil and stability, but can also hit long-range targets
    • New Scorestreak – Shock RC: Detects and disables nearby enemies with an electric shock
    • Multiplayer

      Newly Added Modes

      • Gun Game: Team Fight = Gun Game + TDM, Progress your weapons by earning kills or with two assists. First team to reach 60 points or a knife kill on the last level wins.
      • 2v2 Showdown: Two teams of two go head to head using random weapon loadouts that change every 2 rounds. Be the first to eliminate both enemies, or capture the point in overtime to win the match. First team to reach 6 rounds wins. Single round respawn and health regeneration disabled.

      New Map


      • Originally from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Battle in the industrial section of a nuclear power plant
        • Meltdown is available in the following 7 modes: S&D, DOM, TDM, Snipers Only, Gun Game: Team Fight, Gun Game, and FFA


        • Limited Time Mode: Prop Hunt
          • Reduced from 3 rounds to 2 rounds, increased round time
          • Players can join a match in progress during the first round
          • Optimized starting score for players who join a match in progress
          • A new spring themed Prop Hunt is coming Soon!
        • Practice Vs. AI Mode: This mode will no longer add other human players
          • Invulnerable timer after respawn changed to 4 seconds
          • Frontline: Invulnerable timer after respawn changed to 4 seconds
          • Gun Game: added new weapons to the rotation
          • Snipers Only: Sniper Rifle optics will be changed to default scopes
          • Weapon Balances

            • Reduced S36 stability, increased horizontal recoil
            • Reduced LMG sprint-to-fire speed
            • Reduced MSMC stability and short-range damage
            • Reduced Type 25 close range damage
            • Increase flinch when shot by Locus, DL Q33, Arctic .50
            • Greatly increase ASM10 stability, increased damage range
            • Reduced LK24 damage range
            • Increased BK57 damage range
            • Increased ICR damage range
            • Increased AK47 and Man-O-War stability


            • Optimized sliding and jumping action

            Bug Fixes

            • Fixed a bug in FFA where the Trophy System destroys your own projectiles
            • Fixed DL Q33 – Holidays sound bug
            • Fixed voice announcement when a teammate uses a Predator Missile
            • Fixed a bug where the player earns Hardpoint Kill bonus points when they use a VTOL while sitting within the Hardpoint zone
            • Fixed voice announcer bug in DOM mode

            Battle Royale

            New Mode: FPP Warfare

            • FPP Warfare Mode: 20v20 clash using First Person Perspective only
              • Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming limited-time mode!

              Easter Egg Event

              • During our BR Easter Egg Event there will be some changes to the Circus area, go check it out!
              • Pay close attention to Eggs laid out on the map, go break them apart!

              Lootable Weapons

              • Added UL736 LMG & HS2126 Shotgun to BR

              Bug Fixes & Optimization

              • Fixed a bug where players are unable to equip the Axe and Baseball Bat
              • We have changed the melee weapon interface; Players must now select a melee weapon

              System Optimization

              • Improved lobby UI and visuals for a more user-friendly experience after the Season 4 Ranked Mode ends; Players must update to the latest version to start climbing the ranks in the new season.
              • Soap and Outrider received a little extra polish

              Bug Fixes

              • Fixed a bug where opening the friend list in the mode lobby will cause the game to freeze

              Current In-Game Events

              • 3/19 – 3/26: Rapid Fire (MP mode)
              • 3/23 – 3/31: Sticks & Stones (MP mode)
              • 3/25 – 3/31: Meltdown Map Challenge
              • 3/26 – 4/1: Multiplayer Weekly Challenge
              • 4/1: A Variety of Releases
                • New Ranked Season
                • New Events
                • New Modes
                • New Battle Pass

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