All Hitman 3 Dubai And Dartmoor Keypad And Safe Codes

Hitman 3 is finally available, and while you may be having a few issues with transferring your Hitman 1 and 2 save data (don’t worry, we all are, it’s not just you) the rest of the experience has thus far been thrilling, as our own Kirk McKeand testifies in his review of the trilogy’s finale. Hitman is a great game and we love diving into each level and learning the paths and patterns of every NPC, but we hate finding keypad and safe codes. It’s not just me, right?

Finding codes can be incredibly tricky business, but in this guide, we’re going to help you streamline all of that. Just take a look below and you’ll find all of the codes for the first two stages of the game listed so you can dive in and find what you need. We’ll also let you know where you could’ve found the codes yourself, in case you want to use your own ingenuity in future. We believe you can do it, young hitman…

All Keypad And Safe Codes During The Dubai Mission In Hitman 3

There are only three codes to be found during the Dubai mission, and the first keypad is directly behind the Atrium where you start the mission. This is the code you searched for that brought you here, isn’t it? Don’t lie…

Staff Door Keypad

The code for this keypad next to the Staff Area door is 4706. If you wanted to find this code yourself, you should be looking in the Meeting Room on the board. If you search hard enough though, you’ll never actually need to use this door.

Safe In The Security Room

This is another code that you can find relatively nearby, on a sticky note on a board. All of these security guards and the hiding places for codes is atrocious. Nevertheless, this code is 6927 and inside the safe you’ll find an evacuation keycard which can open you up to some truly creative ways to finish this mission.

Penthouse Safe

If you managed to make your way inside the optional penthouse room then you’ll find one more safe. You’ll be hunting around for a while to find this code, so here’s the answer in advance: 7465.

All Keypad And Safe Codes During The Dartmoor Mission In Hitman 3

The Dartmoor mission is a bit more straightforward. This stage has dozens of potential routes and passageways to explore in the massive Thornbridge Manor, but only one actual safe combination to figure out. I suppose these old houses were built with secret rooms in mind, but not keypads for doors. Such is old engineering. You will need to access this safe in order to complete the mission, but finding the code isn’t the only way to get inside.

We have already covered the Dartmoor mission in great detail in our full guide, including how to solve the safe combination, but we can give you even more information here…

Safe Behind Painting, Alexa Carlisle’s Office

As we mentioned in our full guide, you will need to activate a switch on Alexa’s office chair in order to find the safe hidden behind the painting. Also as we mentioned in our full guide, you will have to walk around the room finding clues and hidden numbers in order to figure out the correct combination. Let me save you some time here: the combination is 1975. Someone’s birthday, or a memorable year for Alexa, perhaps?

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