Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Where To Find Each Type Of Egg For Bunny Day

Happy Bunny Day! Welcome to the first event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which runs from now until April 12 and offers players the chance to participate in an Easter Egg hunt. The eggs that can be found are useful for crafting special DIY recipes. Here’s a guide detailing which eggs can be found and where the best place is to look for each.

All players should first make sure they have the latest update installed, and time travelers need to make they have returned to our present time. Next, it’s time to find a yellow bunny, Zipper. From here, players will have the ability to search for each of the different Easter Eggs.

In total, players can explore their island to find six distinct types of eggs during the event:

  • Earth Eggs – These can be located by digging up star-shaped cracks, the ones that commonly denote fossils locations.
  • Sky Eggs – Using a slingshot, shoot balloons down whenever they happen to appear.
  • Leaf Eggs – These commonly grow on hardwood trees and are the easiest to find.
  • Wood Eggs – Embrace your inner barbarian and hit trees with either a flimsy or stone axe. Wood eggs should appear this way but be careful not to use an iron axe as it will destroy the tree.
  • Stone Eggs – Instead of trees, hit stones with either the axe or shovel.
  • Water Eggs – As one might expect, players need to head to the water and grab medium shadow sized fish.

Overall, it’s quite easy to find the eggs, with two notable exceptions. Visiting mysterious islands with Nook Miles Tickets will let you find five of the eggs listed above, but Sky Eggs cannot be found on such islands.

As for the recipes, they can be acquired from several different people and places, including from Zipper, island residents, balloons, egg message bottles along the beach, and by finding large numbers of each egg. Players will be able to craft Bunny Day-themed furnishings for both interior and exterior design, as well as several types of outfits themed on the Sky Egg, Stone Egg, Wood Egg, and Water Egg.

With twelve days to gather eggs normally, players should be able to find and craft everything they need. If not, there is always the option of traveling through time!

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