Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Can You Move Your Tent?

Rather than including all of its key features right out of the gate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons grants players access to places and abilities over time following the completion of new tasks that become available day by day.

That said, new players are nonetheless required to make a few big decisions within the first hour or so of gameplay. Among these is where to place your villager’s tent. Since the entirety of the island isn’t yet accessible, there’s only limited real estate on which to place your home relative to the entirety of your new island. While not available at the start of the game, the option to move your home does in fact become possible over the course of developing the island.

Unlocking Infrastructure Changes

You can move your home by talking to Tom Nook in the Resident Services office and selecting a dialogue option “Let’s talk infrastructure.” In order for this option to become available in the first place, the Resident Services office must be upgraded from a tent to a full-size building.

To get to that point, you must first pay off your first home loan, open the Nook’s Cranny shop, build your island’s first bridge and welcome three new villagers into their new homes. Then Resident Services will automatically undergo a renovation, after which Tom Nook is willing to talk to you about moving buildings around the island.

How to Move Your Home

After letting Tom Nook know about your interest in island infrastructure, select “About my home…” and then ask to relocate it. Nook will ask for 30,000 Bells in order to do so. While not an insignificant sum, the ability to move other buildings like the museum or other villagers’ homes also becomes available at this time, and moving those will run 50,000 Bells.

Selecting your home’s new location works just like choosing a spot for a new building. Tom Nook will provide you with a kit that can be placed onto eligible terrain (meaning not too close to the edge of a cliff or body of water). Once that’s in place, your home will be relocated the next day.

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