Confirmed: PlayStation 5 DualSense Has A Headphone Jack

Great news for Sony PlayStation 5 fans as product manager Toshimasa Aoki has finally confirmed that the DualSense controller will in fact have a 3.5mm input audio jack for wired headphones. During the initial reveal of the next generation console controller, the initial images appeared to feature an audio jack, but for some reason Sony did not mentioned it outright in their official presentation of the new controller.

It may seem like a minor reason to celebrate, but for many players, it means being able to continue using their existing headphones and speakers for online play. The other possibility was that Sony may have considered doing what many smartphone manufacturers are doing with their new products, which is to say, eliminating the audio jack altogether and forcing users to go with Bluetooth.

Now the real question is if and how much of an impact the ongoing threat of Covid-19 will have on the production of the PS5. Current speculation was that the console would be releasing during the holiday season of 2020, the same supposed time as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, but both of those products might see considerable delays in production and eventual sales depending on how these next few months play out.

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