Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To Masterwork Weapons

Creating a perfect build in Destiny 2 is a tall order for most. Guardians will have to find the perfect weapons, armor, and Mods before they can tackle the game’s hardest challenges, such as Grandmaster Nightfalls.

An important part of this process is Masterworking your weapons. Every Legendary and certain Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 can be upgraded to provide bonus stats and even generate Orbs of Power on multikills, allowing players to utilize systems such as Charged with Light. Needless to say, Masterworking your weapons is critical to getting the most out of them. Here is a complete guide to Masterworking weapons in Destiny 2.

What Is A Masterworked Weapon?

Masterworked weapons are Legendary or Exotic weapons with a golden border around their weapon icon. These items come with certain unique properties:

  1. They can track combatant or Guardian kills.
  2. They generate Orbs of Power on multikills.
  3. Legendary Masterworked weapons grant +10 to a random stat.
  4. Exotic Masterworked weapons grant a massive stat increase or a new perk.

Generating Orbs of Power on multikills is the largest boon of a Masterworked weapon. This allows Guardians to recharge their Super faster and interact with obscure armor Mod mechanics such as Charged with Light. If you want to get the most out of your arsenal, Masterworking your favorite weapons is a great idea.

How Do You Masterwork A Weapon?

You can Masterwork any weapon from its perk menu. In your inventory, hover over a weapon you like. Inspect that weapon to open its perk menu. From there, an option at the bottom-left of the screen will display one of two options based on its rarity:

  • Legendary: Upgrade your weapon’s Masterwork tier
  • Exotic: Apply an Exotic Catalyst

Masterworking Legendaries

Legendaries are upgraded in a similar vein as armor, requiring resource investment to increase their rank. Once a weapon reaches rank ten, it is considered Masterworked. Unlike armor, Masterworking a weapon is relatively cheap. Each rank requires the following investment:

  • Rank One: Nothing (guns are rank one by default)
  • Rank Two: 2,500 Glimmer
  • Rank Three: 2,500 Glimmer, x1 Legendary Shard
  • Rank Four: 2,500 Glimmer, x1 Legendary Shard, x1 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Five: 2,500 Glimmer, x2 Legendary Shard, x1 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Six: x2 Legendary Shard, x2 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Seven: x3 Legendary Shard, x2 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Eight: x3 Legendary Shard, x3 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Nine: x5 Legendary Shard, x3 Enhancement Core
  • Rank Ten: x10 Legendary Shard, x5 Enhancement Core

Upgrading up a weapon from rank one to ten requires a total of:

  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • 27 Legendary Shards
  • 17 Enhancement Cores

Masterworking Exotics

Exotic weapons use a different system to earn their Masterworked status. Most Exotics in Destiny 2 have an Exotic Catalyst, a miscellaneous item that drops from pre-determined activities. Players will have to farm these activities to obtain an Exotic Catalyst. If an Exotic weapon does not have a Catalyst slot, it cannot be Masterworked.

Once a weapon’s Catalyst has been earned, players must equip it on their weapon to initiate a unique challenge. This Masterworking task typically asks for 500 kills with that weapon. Once done, inspect the weapon one more time, hover over the Exotic Catalyst, then “apply” the Catalyst by holding the interact button. This will officially Masterwork your Exotic weapon, granting it additional stats or perks. Unlike Legendaries, Exotic Masterworks are not random; they always grant the same bonus.

Masterwork Stats

Unknown to most players, certain weapon archetypes can only roll certain Masterwork stat bonuses. For example, Bows are the only weapons in Destiny 2 that can increase their accuracy rating via their Masterwork bonus. Since the Masterwork bonus a gun provides is random, players might have to farm the same weapon a few times before finding a specific Masterwork option. Potential archetype Masterwork bonuses are listed below.

Every Gun:

  • Stability
  • Handling
  • Range
  • Reload Speed


  • Impact

Fusion Rifles (Normal and Linear)

  • Charge Time


  • Accuracy
  • Draw Time

Launchers (Grenade and Rocket)

  • Blast Radius
  • Projectile Velocity

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