Destiny 2: How To Complete Essences And Obtain Every Moon Weapon

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep introduced a set of new weapons and armor for Guardians to chase. Unlike most expansions, Shadowkeep’s gear is tied to a quest system named Essences. These items can be cleansed through a short quest, granting a new weapon or armor piece when finished.

While these items are currently sunset, there is no denying that some of these Moon weapons are fantastic. Arc Logic, Tranquility, and Loud Lullaby are just a few weapons that shine in activities where Power isn’t enabled, such as Crucible. This guide will cover how to obtain Essences, every Essence quest, and the locations of every item tied to those quests.

How To Obtain Essences

Essences are acquired throughout the Shadowkeep campaign and post-campaign content on the Moon. Guardians will earn five Essences associated with the Dreambane armor set throughout the campaign. To unlock the other nine Essences, you will have to complete activities on the Moon. Public Events, Lost Sectors, defeating High-Value Targets, and completing Nightmare Hunts can provide these Essences.

Once you’ve unlocked an Essence, you can cleanse it by taking the item to the Lectern of Enchantment at Sanctuary. Cleansing an Essence costs one Phantasmal Core, which can be earned by combining 20 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern or gifting Daito Rabbits Rice Cakes. Once you complete the quest associated with that Essence, return to the Lectern to receive a certain Moon weapon or armor piece.

Every Essence Type

There are 14 Essence types in Destiny 2, each providing a specific gear piece from the Moon. These are what all 14 Essences grant:

  1. Essence of Pride: Dreambane head armor
  2. Essence of Isolation: Dreambane glove armor
  3. Essence of Fear: Dreambane chest armor
  4. Essence of Anguish: Dreambane leg armor
  5. Essence of Despair: Dreambane class item
  6. Essence of Insanity: Love and Death
  7. Essence of Rage: One Small Step
  8. Essence of Servitude: Dream Breaker
  9. Essence of Greed: A Fine Memorial
  10. Essence of Obscurity: Every Waking Moment
  11. Essence of Vanity: Tranquility
  12. Essence of Brutality: Loud Lullaby
  13. Essence of Jealousy: Night Terror
  14. Essence of Failure: Arc Logic

Dreambane Armor Set

Dreambane Helmet – Essence Of Pride

  • Defeat 30 Nightmares not on the Moon. Lost Sector Nightmares grant additional progress.

This requirement is easy to farm. Travel to the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ’s Trostland. Kill the final boss, then repeatedly farm the Lost Sector until the quest step is complete.

Dreambane Gloves – Essence Of Isolation

  • Defeat 100 Fallen on the Moon.

Fallen can be found at Archer’s Line. If you want to complete this Essence quickly, travel to the K1 Logistics Lost Sector. One run should complete this quest.

Dreambane Chest – Essence Of Fear

  • Defeat 100 Hive on the Moon.

Hive can be found throughout most of the Moon. For a concentrated kill farm, participate in Altars of Sorrow in Sorrow’s Harbor or farm the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in the same location.

Dreambane Legs – Essence Of Anguish

  • Complete 3 daily bounties for Eris Morn.

Most of Eris’ bounties are self-explanatory. Tune your loadout to what the bounties demand, then farm any activities the bounties require. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

Dreambane Class Item – Essence Of Despair

  • Complete activities on the Moon.

Virtually everything tied to Lua grants progress for this Essence. Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Public Events are the easiest activities to farm.

Each activity grants the following progress:

  • Collecting materials: 2%
  • Opening chests: 4%
  • Patrols: 12%
  • Lost Sectors: 15%
  • Public Events: 20%

Those percentages apply to all Essences that ask for activity completions, not just the Essence of Despair.

If a Public Event is nearby, activate a Patrol to earn 32% progress very quickly. Farming Lost Sectors is also rather quick.

Love And Death – Essence Of Insanity

  • Defeat 100 combatants with Grenade Launchers in strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. Guardian kills grant additional progress.
  • Obtain the Bound Manacle found in The Gatehouse.

The Gatehouse can be found inside the Hellmouth. When the location text appears, enter the next room to find a Hive Knight major named Ehrath’ur, Eternal Blade. Killing this Knight grants the Bound Manacle.

One Small Step – Essence Of Rage

  • Achieve 120 kills with your Super, grenades, and melee abilities.
  • Obtain the Fangs of Shun’Gath in the World’s Grave.

Guardians can reach the World’s Grave from the Temple of Crota. While in the World’s Grave, look out for a major Hive Thrall named Shun’Gath, the Excised. He can be found in a circular room. Defeat the Thrall to receive the Fangs of Shun’Gath.

Dream Breaker – Essence Of Servitude

  • Defeat 30 Vex on the Moon.
  • Kill 15 enemies with Fusion Rifles.
  • Retrieve Ehrath’Ur’s Horned Wreath from the Catacombs.

The Catacombs can be found on the northern path in the Circle of Bones. Enter the hole in the wall, not the door. A Hive Wizard named Malura, the Fated will have the item. She can be found at the end of the Catacombs.

A Fine Memorial – Essence Of Greed

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 25 combatants with Machine Guns.
  • Recover the Ethereal Charms from the Temple of Crota.

Farming Lost Sectors is the easiest way to complete the first objective. As for the Ethereal Charms, head to the Temple of Crota. When you reach a circular room with a giant Hive structure in the center, travel directly across it to find the charms.

Every Waking Moment – Essence Of Obscurity

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 50 combatants with Submachine Guns.
  • Find the Withered Plumes in the Circle of Bones.

The Withered Plumes can be found to the left of the Catacomb’s entrance. When you reach the hole in the northern wall that takes you to the Catacombs, head left instead to find the plumes.

Tranquility – Essence Of Vanity

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 25 combatants with Sniper Rifles.
  • Find the Horned Wreath in the Chamber of Night.

From the Temple of Crota, follow the path until you reach a circular room with a Hive structure in the center. Head right and follow that path until you reach the World’s Grave. Following that path, you will come across a circular room that has multiple Hive Thralls and Acolytes. Straight ahead of that room is the Chamber of Night.

Keep following the path until you reach the cavern at the end, the same location you fight the Nightmare of Oryx. A cave on the left side of the cavern houses the Horned Wreath.

Loud Lullaby – Essence Of Brutality

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 50 combatants with Hand Cannons.
  • Recover the Necromantic Strand in the Hall of Wisdom.

From the first room of the Hall of Wisdom, run to the circular platform connecting three areas. The Necromantic Strand will be resting on the ground.

Night Terror – Essence Of Jealousy

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 25 combatants with Swords.
  • Find Ralniks’s Hatchet in Traitor’s Ketch.

Ralniks’s Hatchet belongs to a Fallen Captain named Ralniks, Blood of Kells. He can be found in the crashed Ketch ship in the Anchor of Light.

Arc Logic – Essence Of Failure

  • Complete activities on the Moon. Lost Sectors grant 15% progress; Public Events grant 20%.
  • Defeat 50 combatants with Auto Rifles.
  • Find the Captive Cord in the Lunar Battlegrounds.

From Sorrow’s Harbor, travel to the southern corner of the zone to find a red Hive bridge. Cross the bridge and continue south. The Captive Cord is atop a building with a radio tower at the end of the zone. If you played the original Destiny, it’s atop the B flag building seen in the First Light PvP map.

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