DOOM Eternal – How To Break Through Walls

Veteran players of the Doom series know all about the importance of secret locations, which invariably seem to always be hidden in some far off corner of a map, or in plain sight, and Doom Eternal keeps this trend going with breakable walls. Doom Eternal trains its players to look for a specific type of clue, mainly a bright green light that indicates where a Slayer needs to break a wall in order to proceed with the main objective of the game.

Once in front of these breakable walls, PC players use R3 to smash through, while PlayStation 4 users hit “Circle,” and Xbox One users hit “B.” While all of the breakable walls with green light in the cracks indicate that the main objective can be found on the other side, there are several without any coloring scattered throughout the game that can be just as valuable, especially for players who want to find every secret the game has to offer.

These walls are worth seeking out for the loot they can be hiding, which can include Extra Lives, Slayer Keys, Slayer Gates, Secret Encounters, and more. These do not count as collectibles but are still valuable because they add to a player’s overall Demonic Corruption meter in each mission. The higher a Slayer scores here, the more likely they are to score a chance at weapon upgrade points, which all works towards becoming the embodiment of pain and suffering. When demons see the Slayer, they should all be terrified, and this is a great way to make that happen.

With that in mind, breakable walls are not always easy to access. Sometimes they are positioned in a way that players need to hit the activation button in midair, so it might take some practice to do consistently.

Accessing all the game’s breakable walls also requires the creative use of the environment to reach places that are out of the way, or basically hidden to those who simply walk from one objective to the next without stopping to explore. Double jumping is one of the most obvious tools available to explore, since it is available from the beginning of the game, but there is much more.

Protruding bars from the walls are used to swing and jump from one to the next is quick success, walls can be climbed, jump pads launch the Slayer high into the air, and dashing allows for reaching far off shelves or ledges.

The point is that Doom Eternal, like every game in the series before it, will rewards Slayers who are nosy snoops and explore every bit of a map. Players have more than enough tools to move around, it only takes a little bit of practice before every ledge and jump is easily navigated.

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