DOOM Eternal: How To Climb Walls

When you think of a DOOM game, you immediately picture the Doom Slayer utilizing an incredibly varied assortment of high powered firearms and ripping the lungs out of any demon that dares to so much as glance at him. But the one thing that may not immediately come to mind in relation to our old pal Doomguy is just how agile the big lug is.

His ability to dash and double jump is so impressive that he makes Mario look like an out of shape couch potato. There’s a surprising amount of platforming that needs to be in DOOM Eternal and that includes the tricky task of being able to climb walls. It would be pretty embarrassing for the Doom Slayer to survive waves of monsters only to meet his end because he couldn’t get a good grip. So to prevent a humiliating demise here’s a handy little guide on how to climb in DOOM Eternal.

How To Climb Like Doomguy

To climb a wall you need to identify which surfaces are climbable. You can’t just grab onto anything and expect to clamber up with ease. You want to look for white walls with little creases on them that look something like this:

Once you have these walls in sight, there are two ways of attaching the Doom Slayer to them. The first way is by performing the same action you do for most things in DOOM Eternal. That of course, is punching. By jumping to the wall and pressing the R3 button on the analog stick you’ll dig your meaty hands into the cliffside and begin your ascent.

The other way is by dashing into the wall. Chances are that if you’re leaping across some sort of chasm you’ll be dashing at some point anyway. Dash directly into the wall and you should automatically grab on. From there, all you need to do is climb by moving the left thumbstick and either reach the top or look around for another area to jump to.

Rip And Tear And Climb

The Doom Slayer’s platforming talents are pretty impressive when you think about it. He must be at least 300 pounds of pure muscle and rage, yet there he is scooting and leaping around like Sonic The Hedgehog on steroids. With this primer on his climbing skills, hopefully, you’ll be able to take full advantage of his dexterity and gymnastic prowess.

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