Empire Of Sin: How To Take A Taxi

You need to know how to travel between neighborhoods in Empire of Sin as you meet with other Bosses and acquire more rackets for your portfolio. However, the game isn’t entirely clear on how you go about doing this besides the fact that you need to use a taxi. Obviously, a taxi is meant to transport you from one place to another, but the lack of instruction leaves players scratching their heads.

Luckily, it is easier to do than you might think and you will be zooming across town in no time. A taxi might not be the most luxurious vehicle for a crime boss, but in Empire of Sin, it is the only way you can travel.

Find Where You Want To Go

The first step is to figure out where you want to go in terms of the neighborhood. You could take a trip to Fulton Market or head over to Municipal Pier. Your decision depends upon what you hope to accomplish, whether you want to acquire more rackets, meet another boss for a sitdown (such as Romero’s own great-grandmother), or complete a mission.

It is easy to tell from the map view not only the neighborhood name but also information related to it. You will be able to see how business is faring in different areas, as well as the yellow markers for missions and which areas have safehouses. It is also easy to tell who owns a neighborhood, the available rackets for you to take over with the turn-based combat system, and how many customers the district currently has.

There are ten neighborhoods in all for you to take over and they include:

  • Fulton Market
  • Near North Side
  • Municipal Pier
  • Little Italy
  • West Loop Gate
  • The Loop
  • South Loop
  • East Pilsen
  • Chinatown
  • Near South Side

Click On The Taxi Icon

Once you have decided which neighborhood you want to visit in this historically accurate video game, you need to find a taxi icon in the area where you want to go. A simple click on this icon will transport you to this neighborhood where you can wreak havoc and make yourself a fortune.

You don’t need to approach the taxi in the neighborhood you are currently residing in as this will do nothing for you. It is also not required for you to be near a taxi in order to travel to another part of town.

Unfortunately, these taxis will not transport you to specific buildings, so once you arrive in a new district you will have to travel on foot to reach your destination.

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