Evil Genius 2: How To Recruit Henchmen

In Evil Genius 2: World Domination you’ll once again try to take over the world, in the long-awaited sequel to 2004’s Evil Genius. This building and management game sees you play as one of four different geniuses; Max, Red Ivan, Zalika, or Emma, as you build an evil lair containing your very own doomsday device.

However, every Evil Genius needs some loyal henchmen to do their dirty work for them. Recruiting your first henchman is easy enough but the process of finding more gets difficult, fast. Here’s everything you need to know about recruiting henchmen in Evil Genius 2.

Recruiting Your First Henchman

The hardest decision you’ll face when recruiting your first henchman is which one to choose. As soon as you’ve got the basics of your lair built in Max’s campaign you’ll be offered a choice of four side quests. These will allow you to recruit one of four henchmen. Here are the stats and abilities of your options:

The Swordsman – Jubei

  • Vitality – 175
  • Smarts – 150
  • Morale – 150

Muscle henchman Jubei has good vitality and a couple of very useful abilities. His Flow ability gives him increased damage with every swing of his sword. However, it’s Windwalk that’s the most powerful as it allows him to teleport to anywhere in your lair, taking him instantly to exactly where he’s needed.

Your Computer – Iris

  • Vitality – 200
  • Smarts – 150
  • Morale – 150

Science henchman Iris is a deadly robot that serves as a mobile security center using her Security Network Link ability. She can also reduce the amount of damage she takes, and increase her health regen with the Reroute Power skill.

The Fan – Janet Bombe

  • Vitality – 100
  • Smarts – 150
  • Morale – 150

Janet is also a science-based henchman but her abilities are more manipulative. If you struggle with escaping agents then her Scramble Evidence ability will reduce their suspicion. She also has a Remote Detonation skill that makes Agent’s own weapons fire on them.

The Son – Eli Barracuda Jnr.

  • Vitality – 200
  • Smarts – 150
  • Morale – 150

Eli is a muscle henchman who has a Silver Tongue ability that can regenerate his stats at the cost of his enemy’s Resolve. He also packs a punch with his Silver Revolver, a six-shot high-damage pistol.

Which Henchman Should I Choose First?

This really is a case of playstyle preference but Jubei and Eli are solid choices for beginners or anyone who is unsure. All henchmen are useful but you can have up to five so focusing on muscle over science as your first choice is often more beneficial.

Jubei’s Windwalk is incredibly powerful and really helps when you have issues in different areas or when you don’t spot an agent until they are on their way out.

Eli is also strong and his regeneration abilities combined with the damage his pistol does makes him slower but very versatile.

How To Recruit More Henchmen With Side Stories

To recruit extra henchmen you’ll need to take on side stories relating to different Crime Lords around the world. These will appear in the objectives menu after you get to a certain point in the main narrative.

  • You can only do one side story at a time, and your main campaign will also have compulsory side stories to complete.

Side stories are smaller quest chains that unlock specific elements of the game. Minion types, heists, and henchmen are all related to side quests. This means that you’ll want to wait until there’s a slight lull in the main story to start recruiting. Once you’ve completed the side story related to a Crime Lord, they’ll become another henchman in your lair and you can have up to five at once.

Tips For Recruiting Henchmen

It’s worth noting that the side quests for Crime Lords are very difficult in places. Each one is unique but they all involve a storyline that will antagonize a Crime Lord before you come to a resolution.

This means you can expect chaos including fires and fights. You’ll need to make sure you have a decent-sized lair, a good amount of gold, and probably at least 100 or so minions. You’ll also need to make sure you can handle a reasonable threat, be it with traps, force, or a combination of the two.

  • You cannot over-prepare for henchmen recruitment

This is because side stories cannot be abandoned and due to the nature of the Crime Lord’s tales, you don’t want to have to stop mid-quest-chain leaving an annoyed Crime Lord generating a lot of heat onto you. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your recruitment process is as swift as possible.

  • The fact henchman recruitment involves both conflict and chaos is one reason why having a muscle henchman as a first choice can really help.
  • Missions cost money and minions so make sure you have a good supply of both. You don’t want your lair to fall apart because all the specialist staff went on missions at the same time as Agents came calling.
  • Make sure you can deal with other threats quickly. You don’t want an angry Crime Lord on your doorstep while you’re still dealing with a previous threat.
  • Keep an eye on your heat. These quests will generate large amounts of heat, so make sure you keep your other networks in check to avoid a mass lockdown.
  • Save before you start. Since you can’t abandon the quest it’s worthwhile having a marked save before you begin, so if you find it too overwhelming you won’t lose your entire lair.

There are many henchmen available in the game and exploring what each one does and the skills they have is part of the fun. Just make sure you’re ready to face the consequences, as these quests are often the first true test of if your Genius has what it takes to succeed.

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