Fallout: New Vegas: How to Get a Super Mutant Companion

Allies and companions are a great way to make your life in the Mojave Wasteland a little easier. If you’re struggling to choose which companion you want on your adventure, we’ve ranked them all here. As you’ll see, Lily is the best of the bunch. Although Super Mutants are usually towering, evil monsters, Lily the Nightkin is the exact opposite. Here’s everything you need to know to get a Super Mutant companion and find a whole settlement of friendly Muties in Fallout: New Vegas.

Head To Jacobstown

To get a Super Mutant as a companion, you need to make your way to Jacobstown, a settlement on the edge of the map. You can find Jacobstown in a crater in the North-West section of the map, as shown below.

There are multiple ways to reach Jacobstown. You could go straight across, avoiding the main road into the town. This might be quicker, but it is also much more dangerous. This shortcut is teeming with Cazadores, which are lethal throughout the game. If you are doing this after taking our shortcut to find Benny quickly, you will struggle to overcome these poisonous bugs.

Instead, you should head North and use the road shown on your map. This does take longer, but the enemies are less ferocious. You might still find Cazadores if you venture off the path, so be careful. Following the road, you’ll mostly find Giant Mantises, which can be killed quickly.

Continue along the path until you find Jacobstown. This is a settlement of friendly Super Mutants. Talk to Marcus at the gate and head inside after your conversation.

Ahead, there will be a big building, which is the Jacobstown Lodge. As you approach the lodge, you should see a blue Super Mutant, known as a Nightkin, nearby. You can chat with the Nightkin, named Lily, but you can’t recruit her just yet.

Speak To Dr. Henry

Go into the lodge and turn right. There will be a doctor’s office, where you will meet Dr. Henry and his assistant, Calamity. Speak to Dr. Henry to learn about the Nightstalker problem that they have been facing in the town lately.

Offer to help solve the problem and he will suggest that you take Lily, the farming Nightkin you just met, with you. Once you finish talking to the doctor, a quest will begin. Follow the optional quest marker to return to Lily and ask her to join you.

Lily is extremely powerful and gives you a great perk. Since she is a Nightkin, she can instantly turn invisible when she crouches. Thanks to her knack for invisibility, you gain the Stealth Girl perk, meaning that your Stealth Boys last 200 seconds longer.

Lily will accept and join you as a companion. From here, you can just walk away and ignore the quest to investigate the Nightstalkers. However, completing it will lead you to one of the best weapons in Fallout: New Vegas, so it’s certainly worth doing.

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