First WoW: Shadowlands Update, Chains of Domination, Revealed At BlizzConline

The first major content update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is called Chains of Domination, and it’s coming this year.

During the BlizzConline opening ceremony today, Blizzard revealed key details about the upcoming Shadowlands update, otherwise known as WoW 10.1. Chains of Domination picks up right after the Castle Nathria raid and the defeat of Sire Denathrius. Now, the heroes of Azeroth are taking the fight to the Jailer’s realm to learn more about his nefarious plot to destroy all life.

Players will be venturing deeper into The Maw as they explore Korthia, the City of Secrets. The new area will offer players a variety of new quests and outdoor activities to engage with as they fight to push back the Jailer’s forces in the Shadowlands.

With the completion of the individual Covenant campaigns, Chains of Domination introduces a new campaign that will see each of the four Covenants unite in an effort to launch an assault against the Jailer. With their strength restored, the Covenants of the Shadowlands are now ready to join forces and launch a powerful counter-assault.

As with any new major update, a new raid is coming to WoW. Called the Sanctum of Domination, the new ten-boss raid will send players deeper into Torghast where players will ultimately face off again Syvalanas in one of the most anticipated boss fights in years.

Blizzard is also introducing an eight-boss mythic mega-dungeon called Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. Tazavesh takes place in the bazaar of the brokers and centers around a heist of one of Azeroth’s most valuable artifacts.

Chains of Domination was just one of several big announcements that came from the BlizzConline opening ceremony livestream. Later this year, WoW Classic players will get to experience Burning Crusade Classic, the re-release of the first-ever expansion to World of Warcraft. Classic players will be able to keep their characters on a Classic Era server to bring them forward into the Burning Crusade Era. Burning Crusade Classic will be included for all WoW players as part of the normal WoW Subscription.

BlizzConline kicked off today and continues through Saturday. All of the panels, tournaments, and art exhibitions are streaming for free this weekend on the official BlizzConline website.

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