10 Iconic Fan Art Versions Of Video Game Characters In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 still continues to be a sensation even through all of its controversies. That just goes to show that people genuinely like it. The console versions are still messed up but the core experience is still a good one minus all of the bugs.

Right now CD Projekt Red is trying to make this experience better across the board but one can bet that there will be plenty of DLC down the line. Maybe they can even incorporate some other big gaming franchises into it like these fan art selections. There was a Death Stranding collaboration already so anything is possible.

10 Geralt

Geralt fits right in with Cyberpunk 2077 so in-turn he was the obvious choice for fan artists. After all there was that allusion to this game in The Witcher III. Putting Geralt in the real game seems like a matter of when and not if so maybe CD Projekt Red can get around to it eventually with DLC. Ciri better be in this too. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by RX.

9 Cloud Strife

This version of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII makes him look like a cyborg ninja. It’s as if he stayed a company man within Shinra and became one of their corporate assassins. His Buster Sword now looks a lot like the Energy Swords from Halo. Shinra would fit in well here along with the entirety of Final Fantasy VII as that too is cyberpunk adjacent. This piece of fan art was posted on Instagram by birdillus.

8 Aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn is like a cyberpunk game. Aloy doesn’t have any real robotic parts other than her HUD gadget, but there are plenty of robotic animals roaming around.

That game might be the future of Cyberpunk 2077 or one can at least see this game being that game’s outcome. There is a lot of desert in it after all. This piece of fan art was posted on Reddit by Monsimix69.

7 Link

After The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out, Nintendo eventually showed concept art for what could have been. At one point there seemed to be a pitch that was more sci-fi, or high tech. It didn’t look anything like this fan art, but this art is evidence that fans have been dreaming of a cyberpunk entry in the series for awhile now. Maybe some day Nintendo will really try. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by Luigi Lucarelli.

6 Samus Aran

This is a redesign of Samus’ Zero Suit. She actually looks like she could fit in not just with Cyberpunk 2077 now but Mass Effect as well. This style also makes her appear to be some sort of cyber cop which is adjacent enough to what she is in her own games, a bounty hunter. Maybe this will be close to Metroid Prime 3’s premise. This piece of fan art was posted on DeviantArt by Kailyze.

5 Ren And Kasumi

So far the Persona games have stuck to modern times around the time of their releases and or development cycles. The main Shin Megami Tensei series has gone in the future though but more on the post apocalyptic level. It would be interesting to see a Persona game in a cyberpunk version of Japan. That nation is practically on the verge of looking like one in real life already. This piece of fan art was posted on Twitter by @rlasukabaka.

4 Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear has always had a fascination with high tech in modern times. Some characters could definitely fit right in with Cyberpunk 2077‘s world. Raiden is one example. This artist created their own enemy unit, The Foo Fighters, led by Maimed Viper who has a similar look to Raiden’s design. It’s a great piece for fans of both franchises. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by Raymond Lam.

3 Lara Croft

Not much has changed in this rendition of Lara. It’s a minimalist upgrade to her body from the part lines to the clothing. It brings to mind that this redesign could fit within one of Square Enix’s internal properties, Deus Ex, which Cyberpunk 2077 clearly borrowed a lot from.

Share and share alike as they say. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by Pedro Miranda.

2 Ryu

This fan art depiction of Ryu may seem out of place for the Street Fighter franchise. However, some may not know or have forgotten the NES spinoff, Street Fighter 2010. That saw a cyber version of Ken in an action platformer. It may be only tangentially related to the main games, but it shows someone thought of making a cyberpunk like game at Capcom. This fan redesign, along with others like Ryu, could be a great starting point. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by Alejandro Tio Gary.

1 Ness

This is the most messed up Ness from EarthBound has ever looked. He, and his friends, did loose their bodies by the end of the game and did turn into robots so that’s saying something. Those shells were more cute than this cyberpunk version of the character though. He looks ready to start a riot. This piece of fan art was posted on ArtStation by Matt Jimenez.

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