Games Inbox: Will the PS5 be more powerful than Xbox Series X?

The Tuesday Inbox wonders if there’ll be three FromSoftware games at the PS5 reveal, as one reader is impressed by the 3D NES games emulator.

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Eyeballing it
I hope it doesn’t make me seem too shallow but I’m going to come out and admit it: the main thing I care about with the next gen consoles is which is more powerful. I know it’s the games that count, there’s never that much difference, etc. but to me it’s still something I’m interested in and I always like to know I’ll be able to play the best versions of multiformat game.

But even though quite detailed tech specs are out now it still doesn’t seem like there’s any real agreement on which is more powerful and there’s a lot of disagreement on how much difference the Xbox Series X’s raw power will make versions the PlayStation 5’s SSD.

I’m one of those that watched Mark Cerny’s technical presentation and found it very interesting but I still don’t know which has the upper hand. My gut tells me it’s PlayStation 5, just by the way developers are talking but this may be the first generation where you can’t be 100% sure and you really can’t tell except to look at the games.

That’s pretty exciting in itself but you just know people are going to be going over the footage from Thursday with a magnifying glass looking for any evidence that things are more or less impressive than the Unreal Engine 5 demo. Tech heads are going to have a field day.

Second time lucky
So here we go again. The PlayStation 5 reveal is in just a couple of days, maybe, and everyone is hoping it’s finally going to make up for six months of the games industry just spinning its wheels. Maybe it will but I am keeping my expectations very firmly in check: probably no more than two or three big name games and lots of promises about more news but relatively little information. I know that’s probably all it’ll be but I can’t help myself imagining more.

The whole wind-up to the next generation reveal has been going on for so long now it’s beginning to seem hard to believe that we’ll ever get out of this limbo of no information and vague rumours. I realise that most of that isn’t the companies’ fault but I hope they’re going to make some effort to make up for it.

It’s pretty obvious they’re not going to show the PlayStation 5 or say how much it’s going to cost though, so that’s going to be something that’s hanging for ages. I can’t help thinking of that South Park episode where Cartman wants to freeze himself until the new console is out (was it the Wii or PlayStation 4, I forget?). I feel like that except instead of waiting till it’s out I’ll just settle for when it’s properly announced.

Fantastic idea
That Harry Potter RPG leak sounds like about four games in one, so I think you’re right to say that it’s probably a fake. We do know the game exists though, so, like just about everything this year, it’s a question of waiting and waiting and finally hoping it’ll be announced officially.

I really hope the stuff about the game being more mature and violent isn’t true though. It’s a series about wizards that play a game on their magic broomsticks. Not everything has to be Warhammer levels of grimdark.

Considering how bad the Fantastic Beats films were a new series of games could be the best way to continue the Wizarding universe. Create a new set of characters and you don’t have to worry about actors getting old or expansive special effects, everything is done in the game.

I don’t know, obviously, if that’s what they’re thinking but I hope so. And I hope we find out about it for real sometime before the launch of the PlayStation 7.

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3D graphics
I’m hoping this doesn’t cross the emulation border into illegal territory but thought other readers might be interested in this emulator that allows NES games to be played in 3D. How does it work? Well, I have no idea but it looks incredible.

Admittedly, playing around with the perspective probably makes most of the games even harder but it’s fascinating to see the effect on these old classics.
ProEvoSan78 (PSN ID)

GC: That is really impressive, and there seems to be a VR version now as well.

Crossing over
Regarding the letter sent in yesterday, about the lack of Animal Crossing type kid friendly games. Granted these aren’t made exclusively by Sony or Microsoft but there are a few on those platforms and Switch. For example, My Time At Portia and Garden Paws.

Then if you look at PC, there are loads of similar games. I can’t vouch for their quality but there are quite a few Animal Crossing type games available out there.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Now playing: Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One X)

GC: The reader was specifically talking about Sony and Microsoft making their own equivalents. And while we’ve never heard of Garden Paws, My Time At Portia wasn’t very good.

The triple
Don’t know why FromSoftware are getting so much attention from Sony for the PlayStation 5 but I’m definitely not going to complain! I wonder if they might even go for the triple and unveil Elden Ring at the event too? It’s well due time we saw it and if it’s not at Sony’s it will probably be at Microsoft’s. And yet Sony seem a lot more ‘From friendly’ at the moment.

I like the suggestion that Sony are going for purposefully hardcore announcements at first because they know only that audience is going to buy the console this year, so they’re getting them with stuff like Bloodborne and Silent Hill. I hope that’s how it works, plus a little demo reel of the obvious stuff like God Of War 2 and Spider-Man 2.

I have to admit though, it is kind of a shame that the PlayStation 4 had so many new franchises and yet everything we’re waiting for from PlayStation 5 are sequels. It’s not that I don’t want them but hopefully they can find a balance.

Mega acronyms
Can anyone help? I’ve bought a DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) from for my Mega Sg. I’m getting no composite out video from it. I’ve used two different breakout cables for the VGA to RCA composite.

Does anyone know what settings on the Mega Sg I need or if I need a specific VGA to composite breakout cable for the DAC?

GC: We can confidently say we have no idea, but perhaps a reader can help.

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Family tree
I’d call Dune 2000 the granddaddy of the real-time strategy and Command & Conquer the cool son.

Whilst watching the film Dune recently in lockdown I remembered how good Dune 2000 was and realised that I was actually a better game than Command & Conquer and a favourite of mine. I guess I buried it in my mind, accepting Command & Conquer as the baseline for real-time strategies.

Too much was trimmed off Dune. The mechanics of Dune made each battle a much harder slog to take down specific targets in pursuit of the ultimate aim. More Supreme Commander (which needs a better sequel then then it got). Command & Conquer sped up the whole process of warfare, making it more dynamic but less chess-like.

Dune also had the space freight link, so you could buy war machines from a market with a variable cost rate. Where did that idea go, and how cool could it have been?!

With all these next gen graphics around let’s hope there’s some next gen ideas take advantage of the new power also.

I’d love to see a new Dune real-time strategy with the forthcoming film. I’d have the space freight link stocking extreme, variable, never seen before machines at ludicrous prices that could be dropped into battle to turn situations. The next gen artificial intelligence could design these to parameters so they never repeat, with occasional game-ending power if you can raise the funds in the limited purchase window.

Inbox magic!
Matt K.
PS: Good to see Kane back.

GC: Do you mean Dune 2? Because Dune 2000 was a remake, that came after Red Alert.

Inbox also-rans
Call me a geek if you like but just seen your review on Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. Is it coming two PlayStation or Xbox? I love building games.

GC: Why do you see that game as geekier than any other? But no, it’s PC only.

I only just found out that Death Stranding is out on PC soon and yet there doesn’t seem to be any hype for it. Would any reader that bought it on PlayStation 4 still recommend it? The impression I got is that it was a bit of a disappointment in the end.
Indrid Cold

This week’s Hot Topic
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With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X now just months away from release, and already rumours of the return of numerous franchises – from Fable to Demon’s Souls – what old video game series would you most like to see get a sequel, reboot or remake?

The game can be as obscure as you like, as long as it hasn’t had any kind of new release this generation. Why do you want to see it return and what do you think are the chances it actually will?

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