How To Beat The Builder In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has an entire subplot comprised of characters from Nordic legends. The key to unlocking this sequence is by finding a way to Asgard, following which Eivor enters the memories of Havi and begins numerous quests that take her to Jotunheim as well. The Builder is one of the boss fights that arrives during this section, and there’s a bit you’ll want to take into consideration before diving in — here are the essential tips for coming out on top of this one.

The Prelude To The Fight

In order to initiate the boss fight, which falls under “The Big Finish” quest, players first need to collect paint for The Builder and bring it to him. As he was denied the chance to marry Havi’s wife Freyja, The Builder reveals he’s always intended to doublecross Havi and uses the paint to empower himself into becoming a giant Jotun.

It’s not altogether a surprise since The Builder keeps throwing obvious hints of his evil nature, which Havi probably should’ve picked up on! Don’t worry about The Builder’s size, though, as this actually works against him in the actual boss fight.

The Builder’s Strategy

It’s important to take note of The Builder’s movements to predict his strategy and plan your own attacks. The Builder is a slow-moving boss whose visual queues are indicated when he lifts his limbs to attack, which is the opening you need to move away from his immediate vicinity. Another point to note is that you need to ideally have a power level of 90, otherwise this boss will be a challenge.

The fight has two phases to go through and this is divided through his life bar. He becomes more aggressive the second time, so the need to avoid his attacks becomes much more important. The Builder is all about the power moves, necessitating awareness of all the visual queues.

How To Beat The Builder – Phase One

As with other bosses, The Builder shows his weak points — his is situated at the top of his head. Keep plenty of arrows on hand and only shoot them at his head, as the other areas don’t really reap rewards. Arrow headshots will disorient The Builder and allow Eivor to move close and slash at him.

Fortunately, The Builder provides an easy way to aim at his head. This happens when he slams into the ground and sends a spark of magic toward you. Interacting with this will launch Eivor in the air and even slow down time momentarily. This is the prime moment to shoot arrows at him, although it costs Eivor some life as well.

The Builder provides another advantage by leaving balls of light hanging. Eivor can absorb these to make her attacks much more powerful. However, The Builder will recover quickly so make sure to attack and instantly dash aside.

How To Beat The Builder – Phase Two

This will be presented after an extremely cheesy quote by The Builder. His new move involves creating a circle that will trap Eivor if she’s inside of it, making it easy for him to attack you due to the limited area to move around.

As before, use the air launches to shoot at his head and stun him. The Builder won’t be as slow as earlier, so it’s essential to avoid the magic circle and constantly aim for his head. Melee attacks are where the core damage lies, meaning your strategy should be to stun him, move close to attack, and avoid his attempts to trap you.

Keeping up with this tactic should be enough to beat The Builder and the next part of the game is to leave for Jotunheim, at which point Eivor will wake up. Valka will ask for more ingredients for the next potion to continue the Havi subplot.

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