How To Make Money Fast In Ori & The Will Of The Wisps (AKA Spirit Light)

Spirit Light is the currency in Ori & the Will of the Wisps just as it was in the original, Ori & the Blind Forest, though the uses for Spirit Light has increased tremendously. You can use light to purchase maps from Lupo, purchase skills and Spirit Shard upgrades from Twillen, and purchase new abilities from Opher.

In order to finish the game with 100% completion, you’ll need to purchase every single skill, map, and abilities available in the game and upgrade all of the spirit shards all the way. In order to unlock everything, it will cost 32,450 Spirit Light. They may seem like an insurmountable amount of light, but by using the right skills, it isn’t too hard to earn all the light you’ll need with minimal grinding. Here’s our guide to earning money fast in Ori & the Will of the Wisps.

Use The Right Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards, otherwise known as skills, are modifiers that you’ll find and buy throughout the course of the game. Many of these skills provide extra health, energy, and damage potential and will help you overcome many of the game’s challenges. On the other hand, a lot of the skills actually make the game harder, increasing enemy damage and health while providing additional benefits. These are the skills we’ll be primarily focusing on in order to earn Spirit Light fast.

By the time you’ve completed all of the Combat Shrines, you’ll have 8 skill slots unlocked. This guide is meant for players that have all 8 slots unlocked based on the fact that one really shouldn’t need to focus on earning copious amounts of Spirit Light quickly until the end of the game. If you haven’t managed to unlock all 8 skill slots, we’ll try to organize the skills in order of most to least important for the purposes of making lots of Spirit Light.

The 8 skills to equip in order to make money fast are Light Harvest, Bounty, Lifeforce, Reckless, Spirit Surge, Wingclip, Vitality, and Energy.

Light Harvest and Bounty are your two moneymakers: you absolutely have to have both of these skills activated in order to make any real light. These are the most important skills in this build.

The next 4 skills – Lifecourse, Reckless, Spirit Surge, and Wingclip – are all about increasing your damage so you can grind Battle Shrines quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Vitality and Energy are meant to increase your survivability, these are powerful skills early on but less so as the game progresses. You can swap these out with skills you prefer, or skip them entirely if you don’t have all 8 slots available.

Unlocking Light Harvest And Bounty

Light Harvest and Bounty are absolutely required for this build, so we’ll go into some detail about how to acquire these skills.

Light Harvest can be purchased from Twillen in his shop in Wellspring Galdes. At level 1 it causes enemies to drop 1 extra Spirit Light orb when they die. However, this skill can be upgraded by Twillen 3 times. At max level, Light Harvest causes enemies to drop 4 extra Spirit Light orbs when they die. Getting 5 extra light on all of your kills pays off huge, so we recommend getting this skill as soon as possible (after unlocking Triple Jump) and upgrading it right away. It isn’t cheap, but the sooner you unlock this skill the quicker it will pay for itself and start to earn you more light.

Bounty is slightly trickier to obtain and use. You won’t be able to access this skill until you’ve unlocked Triple Jump, a skill that Twillen sells for 2200 light. Bounty can be found on a tree limb above the bridge on the left side of the glade. You can triple jump off the tree below the bridge to get above it, or alternatively, wait until you’ve found and planted the seed that adds grapple points to the glades.

Bounty doubles the amount of light enemies dropped, so paired with Light Harvest, each monster will drop at minimum 10 light, but will almost always drop significantly more than that. Keep in mind though, Bounty gives enemies 70% more health and makes them do 70% more damage, so you’ll need to use some powerful skills and abilities in order to counteract the increased danger enemies now pose.

Using The Strongest Abilities

The beauty of this method for earning light is that it doesn’t require grinding any specific areas. While you can repeatedly tackle Combat Shrines, you’ll actually be earning less light this way because the enemies in combat shrines don’t drop light and the light reward at the end doesn’t get any bonuses from your skills.

Instead, chose a zone you enjoy, and start killing everything in sight. If you prefer to camp, you can turn on the Turmoil skill which causes enemies to respawn faster, and simply wait for one of the large shielded enemies in Windswept Waste or Bauer’s Reach to respawn and fight them repeatedly for about 300 light per kill. There’s a spot near the entrance of Bauer’s Reach where 2 of these enemies spawn side by side, making it a great place to farm.

Either way, just make sure you equip yourself with the strongest abilities. Spike and Spirit Smash are our go-to abilities for long and close range. They consume a lot of energy, but they’ll take care of enemies very quickly.

Using these techniques, you should be able to earn the 32,450 Spirit Light you need to 100% the game in no time!

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