LIRIK Sends Warzone Player To The Gulag Before Ever Hitting The Ground

LIRIK decided to pull off a stunt that would make James Bond jealous, killing an opponent in Call of Duty: Warzone before they even touched the ground. Although the Twitch streamer has built his following on games such as DayZ and PUBG, it didn’t stop him from transferring his talent to the new FPS battle royale.

Wazone begins like many other BR games: by stuffing the full lobby into an aircraft. Players are armed with pistols from the start and, upon cutting their parachute, they can immediately start firing off rounds in midair. LIRIK took advantage of this feature, managing to kill and send an opponent straight to the gulag before either player touched the ground. Although players can fire at each other while dropping, being able to kill a foe during this period requires immense accuracy – a skill that LIRIK clearly has.

The streamer is already building up some entertaining clips with the new hit BR, allegedly killing fellow streamer Dr Disrespect. As it turns out, it was almost certainly another player using a soundboard of The Doc – trolling with the proximity audio chat feature.

Say what you will about Warzone, but the potential to outplay opponents in creative ways is substantial. Because there is so much variety with engagements, clips of crazy fights keep popping up.

Take, for instance, the time a player got hit by a vehicle at max speed, only to self-revive while knocked down on the car’s hood. Once the previously injured player was up, he killed the driver while staring him in the eyes through the windshield. The crazy play was as epic as it was vengeful, leading to the respect of many on Reddit.

Cool moments like these could be listed for pages, but players have also compiled guides on how to maximize weapon effectiveness. The rocks in the gulag are a good example of something that seems useless at first, yet they can actually be used to snipe kills from above.

It’s really no wonder why the Call of Duty entry is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Sure, it has its bugs, but when the dust settles – it’s pretty dang fun.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit

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