Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm High Quality Pelt

If you’re working on upgrading your weapons to the max level in Monster Hunter Rise, then you’re going to need a lot of rare materials, and the High Quality Pelt is just one of them. Much like the Warm Pelt we covered before, the High Quality Pelt is a material that comes from creatures you’re more likely to ignore than hunt, and then when you’re actually looking for those creatures, they can be tough to find.

In this guide we’re going to take you where you need to go to hunt monsters and carve out some High Quality Pelt for yourself and your future weapon upgrades. Whatever you need your pelts for, you’ll find the answers you want here – as long as you’re not aiming for certain upgrades too early.

Just read on for everything you need to know about High Quality Pelt in MH Rise.

Which Monsters Drop High Quality Pelt In Monster Hunter Rise

The first thing you need to know is that the High Quality Pelt will not drop for you unless you are participating in High Rank Quests. If your hunter is still lagging around in low rank, or you’re taking on a few low-level Hub quests with friends, then you will not find any High Quality Pelt whatsoever.

If you’re aiming for a weapon upgrade that requires High Quality Pelt but you’re not yet in High Rank, then it’s time to focus on main quests until you unlock High Rank – or focus on other upgrades.

Now that you’ve tempered your expectations a bit, here are the monsters you can hunt for High Quality Pelt.

Which Monsters To Hunt

  • Anteka
  • Kelbi

Where To Find Anteka

  • Frost Islands

Where To Find Kelbi

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Sandy Plains
  • Flooded Forest

Where To Hunt Monsters For High Quality Pelt In Monster Hunter Rise

First off is the Anteka, a reindeer-like monster that can only be found in the Frost Islands. This monster actually has a slightly lower chance of dropping High Quality Pelt for your hunter, but if you have hunted them for Warm Pelt already for our other guide, then you know exactly what to do. They appear more at night, and can be found in areas 1 and 6, with a few more scattered throughout the map.

Kelbi is going to be a better source of High Quality Pelt in MHR, though finding them might still be a challenge. The safest place to find Kelbi is on the Northernmost point of the Shrine Ruins, high on the cliffs. Here you’ll find Kelbi running around.

But Kelbi can also be found exploring the Sandy Plains and Flooded Forest, meaning that it’s a much better monster to hunt passively, while casually completing other intensive quests. Anteka are difficult to find in the first place, but Kelbi are a bit more common, and should be found while exploring any of the three given stages you can find them in.

The only map where you can’t hunt a creature for High Quality Pelt is the Lava Caverns. If you quest in literally any other area and take note of the areas where you can find these monsters, then you’ll be able to casually farm a bunch of High Quality Pelt while participating in High Rank Quests.

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