New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Night)

If you’re here because you’ve unlocked Maricopia Reef (Night) already, you’ve come to the right place. However, if you’re instead here because you’re wondering why this location hasn’t unlocked yet despite the fact you’ve leveled the day variant up to max, allow me to redirect you to Fireflow Volcano, Elsewhere Forest, Durice, or another late game region. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to explore the reef after it gets dark until you’ve seen the credits roll, so you might still have some story content to get through before you can snap a beloved Water-type Mythical beneath the moonlight.

Just like Maricopia Reef during the daytime, Maricopia Reef (Night) is primarily home to renowned Water Pokemon. However, there are a few more outliers who drift towards the reef once the sun goes down – as in, Drifblim quite literally drifts here.

That being said, if you’re after a convenient list of every single Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap’s Maricopia Reef (Night) level, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the liberty of dividing which Pokemon appear in each rank into distinct subsections, although we don’t repeat ranks. Essentially, if a Pokemon is listed in rank one, we won’t bother adding them to the parts devoted to ranks two or three. Chances are they’ll appear again, and if not, you can just reload an earlier rank and photograph them there. With all of that out of the way, let’s move on to the list of every Pokemon in Maricopia Reef (Night), as well as where exactly they appear and which ranks they’re featured in.

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Night) Rank 1

  • Lapras – Lapras appears at the beginning of the map, but unlike during the day there are also lots of Lapras in the section at the end, where the Pelipper with Pyukumuku in their bills are usually hanging out. There’s even a baby Lapras!
  • Vaporeon – Vaporeon can be encountered shortly after the Wailord blockade, which you’re no doubt familiar with after having made it this far into the game. After you pass the Machamp rock in the middle of the second section of the map – which is home to Primarina at night time – you’ll get an environmental prompt. If you play music, Vaporeon will jump out of the water and dive back in – snap it while it’s in mid-air and you’ll get a four-star shot.
  • Primarina – Like I just said, Primarina is on the Machamp rock. Also: Primarina is amazing.
  • Mareanie – Mareanie can be found in roughly the same location as during the day, near the group of Lapras at night time on the left hand side if you’re approaching the teleportation point in the intended direction.
  • Clamperl – Clamperl is being carried away by Drifblim. Yikes!
  • Drifblim – Carrying Clamperl from the spot where Pelipper spawns during the day, immediately after Wailord on the left hand side.
  • Wailord – Same location as during the day. Throw an Illumina orb at it and it will shoot water out of its blowhole, which you can snap for a handy four-star shot.
  • Squirtle – All the same spots as during the day, really, except it blows bubbles now. Amazing.
  • Inkay – Again, mostly the same spots as during the day. Inkay just sort of swim around the entire map.
  • Alolan Raichu – To the left of where you spawn. It’s asleep on its tail – wake it up, hit it with an Illumina orb, and play music. When it starts breakdancing – yes, really! – snap it fast four a four-star shot.
  • Wingull – Flies around the first half of the map and can be seen perched on a few rocks. There are less of them now than during the day.
  • Mantine – Mostly the same places as during the day, although just like Wingull, there are less of them around at night.

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Night) Rank 2

  • Vivillon (Ocean Pattern) – Flying around at the final part of the map, to the left of where all the Lapras are.
  • Manaphy – Exactly where the Lapras are, but hidden. Play music next to the baby Lapras so it can sing with the older ones. Wait a few seconds and… boom! Manaphy joins the party. Snap it quick, as it swims around the reef lightning fast.

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Day) Rank 3

As it stands, we haven’t fully explored rank three of Maricopia Reef (Night) yet due to the nature of how late it is unlocked in the game. We plan to play over the weekend and will update this guide with complete information on or before Monday, May 3. There are generally only one or two additional Pokemon added in rank three of each biome, and given Manaphy’s availability in rank two, we’re pretty confident that Maricopia Reef has something spectacular up its sleeve. Until then, happy snapping!

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