You Can See All Four Divine Beasts From Link’s Chimney In Breath Of The Wild

Breath of the Wild is having every inch of its expanse explored before the anticipated sequel arrives – an impatient wait for fans but one that is advantageous for urban explorers. As more of Hyrule’s secrets become uncovered, we learn new tips, tricks, and hidden animations along the way, and one player has discovered another fascinating detail from atop Link’s chimney.

Upon its release, Breath of the Wild immediately captured the hearts of fans, and set them on an adventure they would never forget. While many fans will remain loyal to Breath of the Wild, its successor is something we can’t wait to explore. But until Breath of the Wild 2 lights up our Nintendo Switch screens, Zelda experts have been challenging themselves with a new speedrun challenge to pass the time, and others have taken their curiosity to new heights – literally.

Posting on the Breath of the Wild subreddit, redditor ‘ajsayshello’ shared a short clip of Link scaling his house in Hateno Village. As the hero ascends to the top of the chimney, a 360 view of Hyrule opens up before him, and the player then proceeds to pinpoint four areas of interest through the scope of the Sheikah Slate. These locations are where the four divine beasts dwell – Vah Rudania and Vah Ruta in the north, Vah Naboris in the west, and Vah Medoh in the northwest – and viewing these challenges in the distance from the safety of your home is rather poetic. Link, of course, will go on to battle the four divine beasts in order to free them from Ganon’s control, before opposing the returning antagonist in the end.

The view from Link’s chimney puts the game’s scale into perspective, but if Hyrule wasn’t vast enough for your adventurous soul before, this expansion mod should keep you busy. ‘Second Wind’ is one of the latest mods in development for Breath of the Wild, which has been described as “a large-scale story expansion”. The hefty mod holds enough new content to warrant its split into two parts, titled The Ancient Trials and The Ancient Island. The first part will add eight new areas and 15 sidequests, however, a release date is still to be announced.

While the aforementioned mod should satisfy your desire for further exploration, this fan-made video takes the game’s colorful design into the anime world. Fans have been dreaming of a top-tier Zelda animation to erase the memory of past ones, and this anime-styled short is certainly something we’ve been looking for.

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