Pokemon Fans Can Now Buy A Lapras Pool Float Online

Countless sites offer Pokemon merchandise these days, but the absolute best Pokemon products tend to be found at PokemonCenter.com, the official online store for all things Pokemon. Pokemon Center has given us gems like the Wrinkled-Face Detective Pikachu Plush and the Ditto As Electrode Plush, but the latest Pokemon product to fuel our obsession is the Lapras Sunset Pool Float, available now for $50. Somehow, it’s the year 2020, and we’re just now getting a pool float based on the iconic water-transport Pokemon.

As we near the beginning of June, the Lapras pool float couldn’t have come at a better time–at least, for those who own a pool or live near some other body of water. As someone who lives in a tiny NYC apartment without so much as a backyard, let alone a pool, I can only dream of floating away on this inflatable Lapras and leaving all my troubles behind. This Lapras doesn’t know anything about the state of the world right now–it just wants to gently surf the waves, soak up the sun, and ferry humans from one place to another. This Lapras is the supportive buddy we all need right now.

Unique products like the Lapras float tend to sell out after a while at Pokemon Center, so if you’re a lucky pool-owning person, you might not want to wait if you plan on buying this lovely Lapras. The float is also part of the new Pokemon Sunset collection, which includes a wide array of other summer-inspired items like this colorful hoodie featuring Lapras and other tropical Pokemon, this clear water bottle that shows Pikachu chilling out with a drink, and this four-pack of beach balls that look like Poke Balls–perfect for playing on the beach after lounging around on your Lapras float.

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